The Path Of Exploration

The Path Of Exploration is a unique transformative journey to inspire your superpowers to discover your healthy lifestyle, kindle your adventurous spirit, and connect you with nature.

Experience Your Aliveness
  • experience your aliveness
  • develop your healthy lifestyle
  • envision your life adventure
Path Of Exploration - Art Of Green Path

Modules and Goals

Path Of Exploration has seven Modules which names reveal their Goals. It is part of Art Of Green Path EXPERIENCE premium product that includes all Four Paths. Explore all details here and see how it can help you explore your new life.

Path Of Exploration

  • Feel Your Motivation For Life Change
  • Connect Yourself To Nature & People
  • Develop Your Conscious Healthy Lifestyle
  • Explore The World
  • Create Your Meaningful Challenge
  • Embrace Nature & People
  • Art Of Aliveness
Path Of Exploration by Art Of Green Path

So you have two choices: immediately dive into creation through the Path Of Exploration (and its 6 powerful Modules) if you want to experience faster and deeper progress. On the other hand, if you don't feel committed to investing more time and money, you can start your journey with the LIGHT challenge.

LIGHT is an introduction to the Art Of Green Path journey and serves as a taste of all FOUR PATHS. So start your life transformation today by purchasing LIGHT or, even better, the wholesome Path Of Exploration.

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Exploration

Do you want to feel alive?

Do you want to feel healthy?
Do you want to feel adventurous?

Examples Of Personal Challenges

Life is more or less about love, challenges and creation. I know you have different desires and unrealized plans to explore your life potential and unite your unique strengths to become healthy and adventurous. Here you can find some meaningful challenges to undertake. Do you see those that resonate with you? Do you need help choosing the right ones for you, developing your creativity and staying motivated on your curious path? 

21. Wander curiously through your neighbourhood.
22. Explore natural environments close to your home.
23. Sleep outside in a tent.
24. Go on responsible travel.
25. Travel slowly and adventurously to feel the Earth and understand the world better.
26. Feel forces that empower your growth.
27. Meet inspirational people.
28. Eat healthy food to feel strong and healthy.
29. Do yoga at sunrise.
30. Run through a forest full of life.
31. Swim into the sunset.
32. Experience natural beauty - high mountains, dense jungles, isolated islands, encounters with wild animals, space.
33. Feel and understand natural balance and your role in it.
34. Support projects that protect biodiversity and wild habitats.
35. Teach people about the interconnection of everything and their role to care for Earth.
36. Experience human beauty - love, generosity, curiosity, freedom, creations, parenthood, friendship and compassion.
37. Learn about human discoveries and inventions.
38. Be the best parent to your child.
39. Support your child to grow into a conscious, brave, creative and responsible human.
40. Experience your vivid life.

Path Of Exploration is focused on your outer challenges where you can experience the highest personal growth through interactions with people and developing skills needed for the next creative phase.

80 Personal Challenges - PLAY by Art Of Green Path

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How To Be Adventurous

An abundance of positive energy affects our happiness and health - which further grow our creativity and ultimately impact. Let's call it aliveness as it relates to our perception of life and shapes our life choices. We feel alive, or we don't. Some of us can tackle all challenging actions and find ingenious ways ahead. Some of us feel like zombies - doing the same wrong things as others. Too many people struggle with daily routine, distractions, delusions and never reach their most significant challenges. They stuck on repeat.

Life should be adventurous. Our healthy mind expands our healthy body and vice versa. The more we explore - the more we know. The more we dare - the more we grow. Health and adventure are a prerequisite for aliveness. Even better, we become more alive when we inspire aliveness in others. 

Do you recognize many people stop exploring life? Do you want to be different? Being active?

Our authentic explorations make unconventional life possible. Sources of needed positive energy are healthy food, body movement, good sleep, inspiring community, connection with nature... Its manifestations are the right motivation, generous spirit, shared joy, creative thoughts, focused actions, love for life.

Remember, your aliveness grows when you choose your meaningful challenges.

Art Of Green Path - Cultivate Your Empowering Beliefs
Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

  • a unique 12-step system for your career and life change
  • your interactive creative diary to inspire your extraordinary life
  • a set of motivational guides and challenges to get you into action

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

The Art Of Green Path LIGHT is a journey of your personal change. It is an ignition you need, a direction you want to follow, a creative spark that can become your life fire.

After your purchase, you can dive into 12 selected guides that form a circle of inspiration and motivation you need. They provoke your self-improvement and trigger your sense of purpose.

Everything is designed for your self-understanding and practicing of your strengths. By recognizing your motivation for change - you will learn how different motivation types can shape or break your desired future.

Further, you will reflect on nature's beauty and choose adventurous experiences that you want to add to your life. Finally, by exploring healthy lifestyle choices, you will see how they can make you truly alive.

When you discover harmony with nature, you will step into new psychological and practical realms of motivation and adventure.

LIGHT is the perfect introduction into more challenging FOUR PATHS where you can continue your tangible life change. In the LIGHT you will see what is possible for you and in PATHS you will make that actually happen.

Join the Art Of Green Path LIGHT to increase your motivation for change!

Your Life Motivation Guide

If you want to learn more about your motivation and understand your interactions with people and nature explore Your Life Motivation Guide. It is free and consists of four pages:

How To Motivate Yourself For Change

How To Be Healthy

How To Overcome Challenges

How To Connect To Nature

So take the first step of your healthy and adventurous life journey today!

Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Motivate Yourself For Change
Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Be Healthy
Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Overcome Challenges
Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Connect To Nature

Your Life Motivation Guide is directly related to the Path Of Exploration. It introduces the whole journey of life exploration.

Obvious Comfortable Easy by by Art Of Green Path
Art Is Exploration by Art Of Green Path
Art Is Aliveness by Art Of Green Path

Don't Hesitate

If you resonate with the key points above, splash your insecurity and go on your transformative journey - create your life adventure with the Path Of Exploration!