Life Change

The ART OF GREEN PATH gives you clarity, motivation, and guidance on your journey to create the life you love.


What do you want to change?
Why do you need these changes?
How to make smart changes?


A structured yet flexible process to inspire and motivate your confident actions.


The Art Of Green Path guides your unconventional choices on the creative journey, step-by-step.

Four Paths

Extraordinary Experience

The ART OF GREEN PATH gives you extraordinary transformative experience through:

Personalized transformative journey
to create the life you love.
Inspiration and motivation
for smart daily and strategic choices.
Unique online playground
for a personal and professional transformation.
Curated challenges
that make your insights structured and interconnected.
Unique visualizations
to enhance your learning and creation process.
Creating a deep meaningful connection
with yourself, with nature and with people.

Four Essential Levels Of Life Transformation

When we want to change something in a meaningful way, we need to transform our energies and our actions from passive to conscious choices, from closed to open outlook, from selfish to interconnected behaviors.

In a nutshell - we feel and change INSIDE WORLD first. Then we explore and understand INTERCONNECTED WORLD. After that, we passionately leap into CREATIVE WORLD. Ultimately, we influence and co-create FUTURE WORLD.

In that sense, there are 4 essential levels of life transformation:

1. introspect yourself

understand and feel what you want and what you need

2. grow yourself

become able to achieve what you want

3. transform your life

change your wrong choices and become who you want to be

4. transform other lives

multiply positive impact by empowering other people's actions

Art Of Green Path

Roman Kos

founder and creator of the Art Of Green Path

I empower people to create their meaningful visionary work and design their fulfilled visionary life. At the same time, creating a bigger picture of the world being more sustainable and more playful.

To feel my place in it, I have been exploring the world. Never ever planning to stop doing it in many different forms and revelations. Being a process of making something extraordinary that only I can give, becoming my true nature. Be - the one - with life. Reflecting my life as an adventure that transforms people.

Beside all world beauty, I never have enough of open views, wilderness adventures, juicy apricots, steep climbs, and psychological challenges. I love to go where I never went before.

Join me here on this extraordinary journey!

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