Four Paths From The Art Of Green Path EXPERIENCE

The ART OF GREEN PATH guides your life change through four interconnected paths: Path Of Awareness, Path Of Exploration, Path Of Invention and Path Of Fulfillment. They are premium products from the Art Of Green Path EXPERIENCE that include guided transformative journey, personalized coaching and motivation, and life-changing goals. Through the LIGHT challenge, you currently have a unique chance to see the Art Of Green Path from the inside.

Art Of Green Path - Four Paths

Emotional, Social And Ecological Intelligence

When it comes to happiness and success in life, EQ matters more than IQ, as Daniel Goleman argues in his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

People who develop emotional intelligence increase their abilities to understand and manage their own and others' feelings. That helps them in everyday life and work situations when they need to use this knowledge to build emotional, productive, and positive connections.

If you are clear about what you are feeling and thinking at any given moment, it guides you to understand what to want and need and what others want and need. So you can be a better partner, colleague, parent and human.

"Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at school and work, and achieve your career and personal goals. It can also help you to connect with your feelings, turn intention into action, and make informed decisions about what matters most to you." Source: HelpGuide

There are two more dimensions than EQ, called social and ecological intelligence. Daniel Goleman is the coauthor of ECOLITERATE: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence. ‘Ecoliterate’ refers to the ability to understand the interactions between human systems – transportation, energy, building, commerce and industry and natural systems.

We need new types of solutions to get through our ecological crisis. Educating new generations is crucial. They are now forming mental models and habits they will keep lifelong. If we teach them about importance of eco footprints and handprints tracking we can completely change how they behave in the future. If today’s young people are ecoliterate, they will understand what products and behaviors has better impact on our future. They will make connections between environmental issues in the world and how they live collectively. 

We can summarize the importance of ecological intelligence through these four examples:

> When we think, feel, act and care in a wholesome way that supports not just ourselves and our children but also other people and nature as a living organism, we show our emotional ecological intelligence.

> When we unite our healthy choices for our healthy future, we live our next evolutionary step.

> We become visionary humans when we choose work we love and create something good through it.

> When we protect the nature we depend on and transform our lives to reconnect people with nature, we create our art of life.

Clearly, each of us can grow tremendously in personal and professional space if we increase our self-awareness and social awareness, as we learn how to reduce our negative impact on natural systems.

Different Kinds Of Human Purposes

And where to look for your purpose

It's difficult to say how an individual can achieve their purpose, as everyone's purpose is unique and personal. For example, some people find their purpose through their work or career, while others may find it through their relationships, passions and hobbies, or their contributions to their community. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, and the path to achieving one's purpose will likely differ for each individual. That being said, some common steps people often take to achieve their purpose include setting goals, identifying their strengths and areas for growth, building supportive relationships, and seeking out opportunities for personal and professional development. Ultimately, achieving one's purpose is a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, and the best approach will vary depending on the individual and their unique circumstances.

The concept of a "human purpose" is a profoundly philosophical and personal question, and different people may have other answers. For example, some people believe that our purpose as humans is to fulfill specific roles or duties, such as being a good parent, a loyal friend, or a productive member of society. Others might see our purpose as more spiritual or transcendent, such as achieving enlightenment or union with a higher power. Still, others might view our purpose as more practical or tangible, such as achieving happiness, success, or fulfillment in our personal or professional lives. Ultimately, the human purpose is a deeply personal question that each individual must answer for themselves based on their own beliefs, values, and experiences.

As with many moral or ethical questions, it's difficult to say what a "good" purpose is, as it can vary depending on an individual's beliefs and values. For example, some people consider a purpose of being good if it helps others, promotes social justice, or advances a noble cause. Others might see a good purpose as something that brings them personal fulfillment, happiness, or meaning in their lives. Ultimately, what constitutes a "good" purpose is a deeply personal question, and the answer will likely vary depending on the individual and their unique perspective.

Though we can see the consequences of different purposes or lack thereof in our world, mirrored in all greed, selfishness, ignorance and destruction that push us into unwanted unsustainable, unfriendly futures.

Think about what you can do to change that by creating and living your true genuine selfless purpose.

Interconnections of Climate Change And Circular Economy

And how your lifestyle and career choices matter

There is unequivocal evidence that Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate. Human activity is the principal cause.

We should look at climate change from more than one angle. But, unfortunately, many focus primarily on emissions reductions, measuring emissions in companies and trading between emissions, basically buying to continue negative impact instead of changing the root of the cause for all this mess we are causing to the planet, to less lucky people and to ourselves.

Renewable energy is needed, but it is not enough. For example, electric cars will remove pollution from cities but require massive new electricity, so nuclear and coal power plants will be necessary. Additionally, their design is linear, like almost everything in our economy. Doesn't look like a sustainable and green solution as it has been sold. And cars are just one of the examples of how even new solutions are not good enough. Let alone all the obsolete, wasteful, unsustainable, damaging and unhealthy products we produce and buy in huge quantities.

Our lifestyles profoundly impact climate and other living conditions on Earth. Around two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to private households. The food we eat, the electricity we use, the things we buy, the jobs we do and the way we travel - all contribute to 'carbon footprint - the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with an individual's activities.

First, the critical solution is to reduce our irresponsible insatiable overconsumption to decrease the pressure on natural resources. It means buying and consuming less stuff and focusing more on relationships and sharing. The second solution is introducing a circular economy where everything is produced to keep it in use as long as possible.

In our current economy, we take materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste – the process is linear. In a circular economy, by contrast, we stop producing waste in the first place. 

A circular economy is based on three principles, driven by design: 

eliminate waste and pollution

circulate products and materials (at their highest value)

regenerate nature

The circular economy is a systems solution framework that tackles global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste crisis and pollution crisis. It decouples economic activity from the consumption of finite resources. 

We are destroying the planet, rushing to cross all nine planetary boundaries, of which climate is only one of nine. The problem is systematic and involves the economy, energy, lifestyle, food, jobs, consumption, production, waste, diet, materialism, globalism, inequality, media, and growth. 

The world’s poorest people contribute the least but suffer the most from the climate crisis. Climate change impacts people's health, ability to access nutritious food, and livelihoods.

Instead of focusing on climate change we should focus on system change. We need everybody to participate, from politicians, companies to communities, from product designers, responsible consumers to conscious individuals. So to focus on climate change, we must focus on our lifestyle, the impact of our work, and our unrealized creative potential to change our production and consumption patterns to protect and restore nature.

Talking about numbers and predictions, showing pictures of melting glaciers, mountains of waste, and entangled turtles, will not be enough. People should become consciously and healthily motivated and get a financial incentive and social recognition to gladly make better choices, knowing they contribute to something vital and outstanding. We have to make people easily relate so they can do a tangible difference - connecting their hearts, heads and hands with consequences and benefits to their lives.

I want to move people into action by showing you how your lifestyle and career choices are your best opportunities to do something tangible, personally enriching, and fulfilling to make the world a better place for all life.

Roman / Art Of Green Path

Defend The Planet

But start from your personal change

Do we spend our time mostly on entertainment or creation? How much time do we waste in front of screens feeding our social media addictions? This passive digital lifestyle requires a tremendous amount of electricity but also distracts us from what is really important and meaningful in life - purposeful creations and deep relationships. Our kids don't play outside together anymore. They don't know how nature looks and feels alike; they are disconnected from it and don't care to protect and restore it.

Humanity is using nature 1.8 times faster than our planet's biocapacity can regenerate. That's equivalent to using the resources of 1.8 Earths. The Ecological Footprint for the United States is 8.1 gha per person (in 2018) and global biocapacity is 1.6 gha per person (in 2018). Therefore, we would need (8.1/ 1.6) = 5.1 Earths if everyone lived like Americans.

Five out of nine of planetary boundaries are already crossed and nobody cares. Scientists from the Stockholm Resilience Center (SRC) confirmed that we have crossed a 5th planetary boundary: the “chemical pollution” boundary or “introduction of novel entities into the biosphere“. However, this news was fully unnoticed. We are just talking about a threat to the stability of the world’s ecosystems whose humanity depends on. And doing almost anything to stop or reverse all negative impacts. But media are relentlessly covering every football match, celebrity gossip and technological gadget. Thousand times less covering get plastic pollution, wildlife extinction, environment destruction and people suffering. 

All these give us four profoundly worrying insights:

1. Our unsustainable lifestyle choices matter and hugely negatively impact all life on Earth.

2. Our current trajectory is more destruction of natural resources and more disconnection from nature.

3. Humans are generally the most selfish, stupid and senseless creatures.

4. There is a huge probability that we will destroy favorable conditions for our life on Earth.

What can we do individually to reverse this trend, and what can we do together to avert this not climate but a planetary crisis?

The goal of communication and activism for a sustainable future should be to touch people emotionally and personally and guide them into more meaningful and sustainable choices. Show them connections between their lifestyle choices and health, between a career with a destructive impact and their anxiety. Try these six actions to fight climate change.

Or start with ten impactful actions that are part of ActNow - United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability

Every one of us can help limit global warming and take care of our planet. By making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment, we can be part of the solution and influence change.

Strong positive relationships exist between smart personal growth and increased life satisfaction with overall improvements in nature protection and restoration locally and globally.

The smart way of action is to teach and inspire people to search for interconnections in their own lives, how they could be less wasteful and more thoughtful in what they produce and create through their job and in what they buy and waste through their consumption. So they intellectually and emotionally see themselves as part of the problem and make their best effort to become part of the solution. Because it is possible and needed, it brings them personal benefits while they help at the same time create true well-being, protecting life, restoring nature and helping people not drown in waste and toxic pollution.

Climate change is scientifically proven, and it is now apparent how people damaged and destroyed many of Earth's resources, especially in the last century. We have developed cities while making many wrong choices, and now it is the last moment to stop irreversible damage, reverse our wasteful development, be a Global Citizen and start the actual evolution of modern civilization by accelerating to protect and restore nature not just for future generations but also for our own survival.

Test your knowledge: What is the Climate Crisis? Take the quiz: How Does the Climate Crisis Impact Poverty? Join the movement to help defend the planet. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to our world - raise your voice to demand climate justice and a green future for all.

Always remember that healthy conscious creative people contribute much more to our healthy, sustainable future.

First and foremost, make positive changes in your life - change your wrong career and unhealthy, unsustainable lifestyle - reinvent yourself. This is your own, fully controlled opportunity to improve your well-being, sense of connection and personal growth in harmony with nature. By doing such a transformation, you will start having a far-reaching positive impact and influence on many people, their well-being and the health of ecological systems we all depend on. 

The goal is to embrace and connect all Four Paths in your life - your INSIDE WORLD, your INTERCONNECTED WORLD, your CREATIVE WORLD and ultimately your FUTURE WORLD.

"Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them, and within them. "

Suzy Kassem - Rise Up and Salute the Sun

Art Of Green Path helps people make needed steps to change their wrong career or unhealthy lifestyle and do something meaningful, sustainable and responsible with their lives. So you can make choices and take actions that improve the quality of your personal lives as well as make a positive impact against climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, and unsustainable overconsumption. It could be a win-win-win for you-people-planet if you start consciously doing intelligent things.

Personal And Social Transformations

Personal And Social Transformations by Art Of Green Path

Labyrinth Of Chaos & Destruction

The overwhelming capitalistic system feeds on illusive deceptions and emotional void. The labyrinth of chaos and destruction grows from inequality and the extraction of value from people and nature. It is entirely controlled by political and corporate elites and ultimately depends on people's ignorance and weaknesses. Overconsumption and greed destroy people and our life-supporting environments by pushing limitless growth and desires for immediate but short-lived satisfaction. Many people don't care about being enslaved to meaningless jobs by trading their time for money and then for things they don't really need. Such ignorance causes modern illnesses, anxieties, everpresent fear, loneliness and lack of purpose.


Change starts within each self-aware individual who becomes curious about the possibilities of happy, healthy, and responsible living. Self-reflection leads to conscious changes and new unconventional choices that feed personal transformation. Growing emotional intelligence means understanding and controlling our feelings and impact on other people and doing everything possible against conflicts, misery and exploitation. Our state of happiness depends on our curiosity and ability to recognize the beauty of life and be willing to share it with others. In our Art Of Green Path world, we call this journey the Path Of Awareness.

Social-Ecological Awareness

When we observe and experience the world around us, we connect with its wonders and virtues. We develop our sense of belonging and our sincere gratitude for all privileges we have in our life. As we learn not to support different negative energies and choices, we recognize natural patterns of interdependence and abundance, opposite to false realities of fear and scarcity. Our social-ecological awareness wides our reach into new realms of innovation and love. Our dance of togetherness with all creatures moves us into the journey to the unknown and beautiful, and we call it the Path Of Exploration.

Culture Of Positive Contribution

Our emotionally intelligent consciousness leads us to new creative actions that make a difference in the world we all share. Personal transformation is enlarged through supporting communities, which means being part of something we believe in. While greedy and dogmatic forces divide people, desires for understanding and cooperation elevate people. The culture of positive contribution happens where our work creates goodness for all without crushing our freedom or killing our ecological aliveness. The social-ecological economy that directly serves positive human needs is made not for profit, debt and inequality increase but for life quality, human well-being, justice, genuine goodness and civilization prosperity inside planetary boundaries. Our virtues are multiplied in this journey of the Path Of Invention.

Loving Relationships Between People & Nature

In this visionary mindset of freedom and well-being for all, the current exploiting global paradigm - imperialism, neo-capitalism, virtual money through debt, war machine, media lies, an illusion of democracy, ecocides and inequality - is not a politically viable option anymore. People recognize its destructive sick distortion and demand its opposite - creative and healthy clarity. The social transformation goes beyond that toward a sustainable, inclusive, resilient, and ecological society. More and more people are starting to actively care about improving our world through loving relationships between people and nature. We lead our collective evolution through the Path Of Fulfillment.

Personal And Social Transformations by Art Of Green Path

Our Vision

There are many personal and social transformations each of us as individuals and groups can do to stop the destruction and start creating something beautiful, valuable and meaningful. Are you curious to see how I came up with the Art of Green Path? It wasn't easy or straightforward or obvious. But it is in many ways related to all four Paths created.

Through all four Paths, the mosaic of transformative behaviours becomes alive. Curiosity, connection, creation and care can evolve supportive world culture and our interconnected healthy future. Are you ready for the Art Of Green Path EXPERIENCE to really change your life?

Art Of Green Path's vision follows the wholesome strategy of transformation where personal evolution feeds collective evolution through interactions of curious individuals, resilient communities, visionary businesses, responsible organizations, transformative artists and social entrepreneurs. Perception of authentic happiness grows through healthy connections with nature and people, morphs into co-creative meaningful work and finally becomes an ecological and sustainable future.

Creating Your Art Of Green Path means doing something remarkable and disruptive that makes this visionary future possible.

The Essence Of The Art Of Green Path - 20 Insights

Art Of Green Path Ecosystem

LIGHT and EXPERIENCE are a kind of shortcuts that focus on the most essential ideas and tools from both an emotional and logical perspective. They are designed to inspire your new thoughts, motivate the writing of personal goals, structure them into clear plans, and focus on actions connected with your goals. 

With your personalized access, LIGHT and EXPERIENCE are placed on Art Of Green Path's dedicated password-protected membership site. As you follow a guided journey through different Modules, there is a unique feature to write and structure your thoughts and ideas and create your plans and goals. As a result, you are progressing at your own pace and focusing on what is crucial for you.

The Art Of Green Path covers all stages of your transformative journey. 

 Art Of Green Path Ecosystem - LIGHT and EXPERIENCE

Don't Hesitate

If you resonate with the key points above and feel NOW is the time to transform your life, to live it meaningfully, daring and creatively - USE this momentum to build all necessary dimensions. Design your life purpose, explore your life adventure, create work you love, make your life goals, and feel as you want. Indeed, it is NOT a coincidence that you read until here and feel so moved to do something extraordinary. 

Go on your transformative journey - create your desired life through the Art Of Green Path EXPERIENCE.