If you want to actively design your life and career change - now you have a chance to try ART OF GREEN PATH Light for free.

ART OF GREEN PATH is a unique online experience.

It is a structured yet flexible path of creative self-realization. The ART OF GREEN PATH Light (or free trial) is the perfect introduction to the ART OF GREEN PATH.

ART OF GREEN PATH is a powerful combination of inspiration, motivation, creation, and transformation.

Somehow can be described as a guide / journal / course / program / coach / vision / ecosystem - merged together.

ART OF GREEN PATH guides your authentic journey.

It will help you for getting to know yourself, choosing a mountain, planning your way up, moving anchor points, growing your motivation, climbing - becoming capable of realizing your goals.

Choose Yourself

is right fit for you if you want to:

understand and feel your life potential
figure out what is stopping you from choosing yourself
get clarity about your smart and healthy choices
unlock your power to change your life and career
grow your motivation as you grow
design your life purpose
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