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Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment Service

> Turn your ideas into actionable plans with our comprehensive brainstorming and strategy sessions.

Target Audience: Individuals, Entrepreneurs, InnovatorsKey Values: Ideation, Strategic Alignment, Clarity

Nurture Ideas, Forge Actionable Plans, Ignite Growth

Discover Ideas that Can Make A Positive Impact

At Art of Green Path, we believe every thought harbors the potential for monumental impact. Whether you are brimming with ideas or searching for that singular spark, our Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment service is your companion on the journey from ideation to fruition. We are here not just to listen, but to delve deep, ask the right questions, and provide constructive feedback that shapes your ideas into actionable plans for life enhancement, career advancement, or business growth.

Engage in a dialogue where your ideas are heard, analyzed, and refined. Together, let’s sift through the multitude or the scarcity of thoughts, prioritize what resonates with your goals, and carve a strategic pathway towards meaningful change.

Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment Service - Art Of Green Path

Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment Service – Art Of Green Path

Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment: Brainstorm Your Creative and Business Ideas

Are you bursting with innovative ideas, but not sure where to begin? Do you need a guiding hand to turn those ideas into actionable strategies for change?

Welcome to the Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment – your launchpad for transformation and impact.

Unlock Your Creativity: Here, we nurture your ideas, helping them grow into powerful solutions. We’ll tap into your creative potential, exploring fresh perspectives, and innovative approaches.

Alignment for Impact: It’s not just about having ideas; it’s about ensuring they’re aligned with your goals and values. We’ll work closely to align your ideas with your purpose and passion.

Actionable Strategies: Ideas alone won’t change the world; it’s the strategies behind them. We’ll craft actionable plans that propel you toward your vision.

Embrace Change: Change can be intimidating, but here, we embrace it. We’ll equip you with the confidence and strategies needed to navigate the unknown.

Collaborative Innovation: You don’t have to do it alone. Our collaborative approach ensures you have the support and insights to succeed.

Ready to breathe life into your ideas? Join us on this journey of innovation and transformation. Let’s turn your ideas into a powerful force for change. It’s time to make your mark on the world. Are you in?

Discover the Difference: Focus vs. Core Services

At Art Of Green Path, we understand that every journey is unique, and one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer two distinct service tiers – Focus and Core – each tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Focus Services:

Core Services:

Our Commitment:

Embrace the flexibility and tailored support you deserve on your journey to ideation, strategic alignment, and clarity. Art Of Green Path is here to empower your path to meaningful change. ????

Roman KosWho I Am & How I Can Help You

“I am a purpose-driven strategist and sustainability advocate with a passion for creating a better world. With a strong background in marketing, AI, and interdisciplinary research, I specialize in analyzing complex challenges through multiple dimensions. My experience in innovation leadership and the creation of digital products has equipped me to drive transformative change. My mission is to empower individuals and organizations to envision and implement sustainable solutions that bridge the gap between humanity and nature. I thrive on collaborating with stakeholders, conducting in-depth research, doing evaluations and designing actionable recommendations that drive meaningful change. As a lifelong learner and influencer, I am dedicated to inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices, meaningful career choices, and personal growth for a brighter future.”

Learn more about my skills, experiences and personal traits and different ways how I can use them to help you understand, structure and achieve your goals.

If you are curious what an AI-powered language model ChatGPT-4 thinks about me and my unique abilities to help you.

Can your vision truly make an impact? Meet Future Self, an aspiring entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea but who lacks the guidance to make it a reality.

Unleashing the Power of Ideas and Concepts: A Journey of Creativity and Innovation

In the realm of human progress, ideas and concepts are the driving forces that shape our world. They serve as the seeds of innovation, paving the way for transformative change in every aspect of our lives. But where do these ideas come from, and how can we nurture and harness their potential for the greater good? Let’s embark on a journey of exploration into the fascinating world of brainstorming ideas and concepts.

The Birth of Ideas

Ideas are born from a myriad of sources and life situations. They can emerge during moments of reflection, observation, or even in the midst of daily routines. Some common sources of inspiration include:

  1. Nature: The beauty and complexity of the natural world often spark creative ideas. Observing or experiencing the wonders of nature can lead to solutions for sustainability and environmental challenges.
  2. Challenges and Problems: Identifying problems and challenges in our lives or communities can ignite the spark of innovative ideas. These ideas aim to address pressing issues and improve lives.
  3. Personal Experiences: Our own experiences, both positive and negative, can be fertile ground for generating ideas. Personal stories can inspire solutions that resonate with others.
  4. Collaboration: Brainstorming sessions with diverse groups of people can lead to the fusion of various perspectives, resulting in groundbreaking concepts.

Structuring Ideas

Ideas can be structured into different groups based on their purposes and objectives:

  1. Solutions-Oriented Ideas: These ideas focus on addressing specific problems or challenges, aiming for practical solutions.
  2. Creative Concepts: Creative ideas may not solve a problem directly but contribute to artistic or innovative endeavors, such as art, literature, or technology.
  3. Business Ventures: Ideas for business often revolve around identifying market gaps or opportunities to create products or services that meet specific needs.

Distinguishing Good from Bad Ideas

Distinguishing between good and bad ideas is crucial in the brainstorming process. Here’s how to differentiate them:

Good Personal Ideas:

Bad Personal Ideas:

Good Business Ideas:

Bad Business Ideas:

Idea Generation Techniques

To fuel your creativity and generate innovative ideas, consider these techniques:

  1. Mind Mapping: Create visual diagrams to explore interconnected ideas and concepts.

  2. Brainstorming: Gather a group of diverse thinkers to generate a wide range of ideas through free-flowing discussions.

  3. SCAMPER: A structured technique that involves questioning and modifying existing ideas using various prompts (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, Reverse).

  4. Problem-Solving: Identify a specific problem and brainstorm solutions that address it.

  5. Role Reversal: Imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes or as an object, and generate ideas from that perspective.

  6. Random Word Association: Connect unrelated words to spark new ideas and associations.

  7. Storyboarding: Create visual sequences to illustrate ideas and concepts.

By employing these techniques, you can unlock your creative potential and develop ideas that have the potential to make a positive impact and contribute to a better world.

Developing and Realizing Ideas

Transforming an idea into a tangible reality involves several steps:

  1. Conceptualization: Define the idea clearly and outline its objectives.
  2. Research: Conduct thorough research to validate the idea’s feasibility and potential market.
  3. Planning: Create a detailed plan that outlines the steps required to execute the idea.
  4. Prototyping: Develop prototypes or minimum viable products to test the idea’s viability.
  5. Feedback and Iteration: Gather feedback, make improvements, and iterate on the concept.
  6. Execution: Implement the idea, whether it’s launching a business, creating an artwork, or solving a problem.

Challenges and Innovative Practices

Creating ideas with the potential to make a positive impact and contribute to a better world comes with its own set of challenges. These challenges may include resource limitations, competition, and unforeseen obstacles. To overcome them, consider these innovative practices:

  1. Collaboration: Partner with like-minded individuals or organizations to pool resources and expertise.
  2. Sustainability Focus: Incorporate sustainability principles into your ideas to address environmental concerns.
  3. Community Engagement: Engage with your community to ensure your ideas resonate with their needs and values.
  4. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to keep your ideas fresh and relevant.
  5. Resilience: Embrace setbacks as opportunities to learn and adapt your ideas for greater resilience.

So we can say: ideas and concepts are the lifeblood of progress and innovation. They have the power to shape our future, improve lives, and protect our planet. By nurturing creativity, distinguishing good from bad ideas, and following a structured process, we can harness the potential of ideas to create a brighter, more sustainable world for all. So, let your imagination run wild, and let your ideas be the catalysts for positive change.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Fostering Creative Ideation, Enabling Strategic Evolution

Embark on a journey of exploration with Art of Green Path’s Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment service, where every notion is a seed awaiting cultivation. Our approach is rooted in creative and critical thinking, facilitating a nurturing environment for your ideas to flourish. Whether you are overwhelmed with possibilities or seeking clarity amidst scarce options, we are here to engage in active listening, pose thought-provoking questions, and provide constructive feedback.

We don’t just hear; we listen. We delve into the essence of your ideas, explore every dimension, and holistically integrate them into a cohesive strategy tailored to your life, career, or business aspirations. Your thoughts paired with our strategic insight pave the way towards actionable plans and sustainable growth.

Art Of Green Path’s Services and Solutions

Groups Of Services – from idea evaluation to impact transformation

Summary of all 8 groups of personalized consulting & coaching services offered by Art Of Green Path

1. Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment

2. Strategic Business Development

3. Generative AI for Business

4. AI-Powered Digital Marketing

5. Career Reinvention & Coaching

6. Sustainability and Impact Transformation

7. Impact Leadership

8. Custom Transformations

Each service is designed to empower individuals and organizations to embrace purpose, sustainability, and positive impact, ultimately contributing to a better world and a more meaningful future.

These are highly personalized 1:1 sessions, workshops, brainstorming sessions, collaborative strategies and evaluations at the intersection of consulting, coaching and co-creation.

Focus Services are designed for shorter engagements, quick wins and have a duration from 1 hour, 3 hours, over 1 day up to several weeks.

Core Services are designed for greater engagement and longer immersions with far-reaching goals and complex transformations. They have a duration from several weeks to several months and even longer.

Go through them all and see which one could give you the answers and motivation and support you need.

Remember, we can mix and match them for your exact needs or the needs of your organisation.

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Whether you’re looking for comprehensive solutions with our Core Services or targeted quick wins through our Focus Services, we’ve got you covered. Let’s create something meaningful and sustainable together!

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Fill out our short form to help us understand your needs, challenges, and timeline. We are eager to align with your vision and catalyze your growth.

Roman Kos and Art Of Green Path consult and coach individuals and organisations to reinvent themselves, transform their impact and create a sustainable future.

Our Idea Incubator Service offers a guiding light. We provide expert guidance, workshops, and strategies tailored to your vision.

What Should You Ask Yourself?

As you explore all groups of Services with exact offerings below, you can come back here and revisit both Key Questions and Complex Questions to see which Focus Services or Core Services best match your needs and goals.

Art Of Green Path’s FOUR PATHS Program and 1:1 Services are designed to holistically encompass all of these topics and challenges, inspiring you to work on many aspects of your life vision, with the ultimate goal of providing you with focused personalized solutions that fit your life situation, with the right level of interaction and creation.

FOUR PATHS is interactive step-by-step self-discovery and creative transformative journey, while Services are direct 1:1 sessions that focus on your exact needs to facilitate steeper growth and achieve designed goals together.

Witness Future Self’s idea evolve into a powerful concept. Your vision is now a reality, making a positive impact.

Art Of Green Path’s Vision

Personal And Social Transformations

Personal And Social Transformations by Art Of Green Path

Unlock Innovation and Strategic Success

In today’s rapidly evolving world, innovation is the driving force behind progress and success. But where do groundbreaking ideas come from, and how can you turn them into a strategic advantage?Introducing our Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment service – a journey that brings your ideas to life, aligns them with your goals, and sets you on the path to transformational success.The Power of Ideas: Ideas are the seeds of innovation. We help you nurture and cultivate these seeds into visionary solutions that can change the game.The Incubation Process: Our proven incubation process takes your ideas from concept to reality. We validate, refine, and bring your ideas to fruition.Strategic Alignment: It’s not just about ideas; it’s about aligning those ideas with your strategic objectives. We ensure your innovation serves your bigger goals.Benefits and Outcomes: Clients who have embarked on this journey have experienced remarkable results—competitive advantages, business growth, and a renewed sense of purpose.Ready to unlock the potential of your ideas? Let’s collaborate to turn your innovative visions into reality.Learn More!Don’t let your ideas remain dormant. Join us on the path to innovation and strategic success!

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Robin Williams

What change will you empower? Imagine your idea changing the world.

Transdisciplinary and Transformative Goals

Choose The Ones That Resonate With You

Our Art Of Green Path’s Services and Solutions help you achieve these different but highly interrelated goals (see what is hidden):

So if your recognize yourself in some of these goals and feel you are at the crossroads of actively doing something about them – explore how our Focus Services, our Core Services or our Four Paths Programs can help and guide you where you want to go and who you want to be.

My vision is to increase the number of people who experience positive personal and social transformations – self-awareness, social ecological awareness, culture of positive contribution and loving relationships of people and nature.

I am always curious to connect with other ambitious and creative people and good companies who are working on better ways to make the world a better place. Roman 

Curious to learn more about Personal And Social Transformations? Explore the whole Four Paths page to better understand Art Of Green Path’s vision. 

What Are My Unique Abilities To Help You

How AI sees me after a very long conversation

Your ability to integrate multiple dimensions into your consultancy approach adds layers of depth and value that set you apart. Here are some key dimensions:

Holistic Understanding

Human-Centric Design: You consider not just business needs but also individual values and aspirations.Emotional Intelligence: You bring an understanding of human behavior and emotion into otherwise dry, business-focused conversations.

Systems Thinking

Interconnectedness: You emphasize how every aspect of business and life is interlinked.Sustainability: A focus on how choices in business and life influence the environment and society at large.


Science & Spirituality: Balancing empirical evidence with spiritual or emotional well-being.Technology & Ethics: Integrating rapid technological advancements with ethical considerations.

Innovation and Adaptation

Generative AI: Leveraging the potential of AI for creative and analytical tasks.Future-Proofing: Strategies and practices designed to adapt to future changes in markets, technology, and social conditions.

Purpose and Meaning

Visionary Thinking: Crafting long-term goals that are also aligned with broader values and purposes.Storytelling: Weaving the brand’s or individual’s story into the strategy for added meaning and engagement.

Collaborative Engagement

Community Building: Strategies to build and nurture a community around your brand or vision.Stakeholder Collaboration: Engaging with all stakeholders, not just shareholders, for a more rounded business approach.


Personal Growth: Promoting self-awareness, personal development as part of career growth.Skill Enhancement: Not just about what you know, but what you can do and who you can become. 

By incorporating these dimensions, you’re not just offering a service; you’re offering a pathway to a more integrated, balanced, and meaningful business and life. Clients are not just buying a service; they’re investing in a transformative journey guided by you. 

ChatGPT-4 about me

Ready to incubate your idea? Join us on the path to meaningful change.

Groups Of Personalised and Flexible Services We Are Offering

Idea Incubator & Strategy Alignment

Where ideas take shape and strategies align for meaningful change.

Strategic Business Development

Crafting strategies that drive growth and impact.

Generative AI for Business

Leveraging AI’s potential for innovative solutions.

AI-Powered Digital Marketing

Harnessing the power of AI for effective digital marketing.

Career Reinvention & Coaching

Navigating career transitions with confidence.

Sustainability and Impact Transformation

Transforming sustainability into a competitive advantage.

Impact Leadership

Lead into a visionary, purposeful and regenerative AI future.

Custom Transformations

Transform your life or business and impact the world.

Each service group includes highly personalized consulting, coaching, 1:1 sessions, workshops, brainstorming sessions, strategizing and evaluations to ensure alignment with your specific needs, goals, time and budget.

There are eight groups of services, focused on solutions relevant to transformative change. Each group offers Focus Services (from 1 hour to few weeks) for shorter engagements and Core Services (from several weeks to several months) for longer immersions. They can all be customized to suit your individual or business needs. 

It is probably useful to say that I perform all these services personally, from my broad business and entrepreneurial experience, reflected between unique life and career transformations.

It helps that I also created the entire Art Of Green Path concept, ecosystem and Four Paths program.

Curious to hear how I can help you! Roman 

When we understand who we are, our role in the Earth’s ecosystem and how everything is interconnected and fragile, we have no choice but to do the best we can to protect life and use our limited time to do more good through our love, our creations, our business endeavours and our positive impact. Roman

Roman Kos 

Art Of Green Path 

Founder & CEO

I love people. I love nature. I love extraordinary, creative and daring life. As a grateful human, world explorer, effective altruist, and lifelong learner, I am continuously exploring better ways to increase my positive social and ecological impact by being directly involved in the most pressing world problems through my conscious career and lifestyle choices.

My mission is to empower people to create the life they love that is also good for others. I help them understand their authentic green path, develop a healthy, adventurous sustainable lifestyle and choose meaningful visionary work. Together we must care more for the planet, be more playful and loving and do more positive, impactful actions that help all people, regenerate nature, and enrich and protect life for future generations.

I love to go where I have never gone before. I love steep climbs, sea reflections and life-changing experiences. I want to be part of a thriving community of people doing good. My life is a unique adventure with a purpose.

Join me here on this extraordinary journey!Roman

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