How To Overcome Challenges

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Art Of Green Path guides you to be motivated for a healthy adventurous life.

Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Overcome Challenges

10 Actions To Overcome Your Challenges

1. Be strong in MIND AND HEART



4. USE YOUR DESIRED GOAL as motivation


6. PLAN YOUR FUTURE and all actions needed

7. See all obstacles as PERSONAL GROWTH

8. PREPARE for all possible mistakes

9. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your life improvements

10. BE PROUD of every achievement

Life should be playful, beautiful, curious, unpredictable journey of authentic discoveries. If you let it be.

Overcome Your Challenges By Being Motivated

Without the right motivation, all challenges become impossible. High motivation is a prerequisite for any worthy challenge. Motivate yourself for change through understanding yourself, your values and your life goals. You will see how clear thoughts lead you to inspiring ideas that lead to daring motivation.

Replace Fear With Focus

People who successfully tackle daily challenges prepare themselves continuously for strategic life challenges. Reacting through fear is obviously working well only to keep yourself in the status quo, as you can see through most people around you. They don't know where they are going, so it is 100% certain they will end there. Only through determination, clarity, and focus on challenges can you get the experiences you need and reach the outcome you want.

Use Your Personal Challenges To Motivate Yourself

Many people choose to fight for corporate goals; they are lured into becoming competitive and selfish, spinning the rat race wheel till they drop. That lifestyle fills them with emptiness, anxiety and fear. But they don't choose to fight for their life's discovery and meaning; they often put their own needs last, they don't choose to love each other, and their life energy goes to waste.

Why Art Of Green Path

Art Of Green Path empowers positive life transformations through a curated journey of better life choices. Hence, it gives you a personal perspective to discover your full life potential.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

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  • a set of motivational guides and challenges to get you into action

Learn To Overcome Your Challenges

Art Of Green Path LIGHT Guides You There Through These 12 Steps

Learn How To Love Yourself And How To Be Happy

If you want to become courageous and determined - now you have a chance to try Art Of Green Path LIGHT -  a 12-step interactive challenge that can change your life forever! Bonus: a free ebook!

Your daring motivation is a critical step on your path to exploring your life possibilities.

Examples Of Personal Challenges

Choose Challenges That Motivate And Inspire You

Life is full of challenges - choose those possible but just outside your comfort zone that you see as crucial to your growth and other people’s growth. You can make them in a day, week, month, year or life. 

80 Personal Challenges

Here, you can find a list of personal challenges to tackle real-life problems. They are divided into four areas depending on your focus and life goals. Start small - aim big. Feel! Play! Create! Connect!

Art Of Green Path - Overcome Challenges - Personal Challenges FEEL


1. Feel grateful to live here and now.

2. Feel curious to explore another new day of your life on Earth.

3. Love people who need love.

4. Experiment with possible and impossible.

5. Replace an ordinary routine with extraordinary experiences.

6. Start writing a journal.

7. Do what you have dreamed of for a long time.

8. Dance to feel good and live longer.

9. Share with others your positive energy.

10. Learn to recognize emotional and ecological colours in your choices.

11. Wake up the child inside you.

12. Cut your distractions, delusions, and addictions.

13. Simplify your life around essential things that make you really happy.

14. Go on a digital detox.

15. Turn off all notifications on all of your devices.

16. Focus on your daring creations instead of endless consumption.

17. Choose one thing outside your comfort zone and focus on it.

18. Go on your personal transformative journey.

19. Feel your life as art.

20. Discover a passionate and happy self.

Art Of Green Path - Overcome Challenges - Personal Challenges PLAY


21. Wander through your neighbourhood curious as a tourist. 

22. Explore natural environments close to your home.

23. Sleep outside in a tent.

24. Go on responsible travel.

25. Travel slowly and adventurously to feel the breathing of the Earth and understand the world better.

26. Feel forces that empower your growth.

27. Meet inspirational people.

28. Eat healthy food to feel strong and healthy.

29. Do yoga at sunrise.

30. Run through a forest full of life.

31. Swim into the sunset.

32. Experience extreme natural beauty - high mountains, dense jungles, isolated islands, encounters with wild animals, space between sea and sky.

33. Feel and understand natural balance and your role in keeping it.

34. Support projects that protect biodiversity and wild habitats.

35. Teach people about the interconnection of everything and their role to care for Earth.

36. Experience extreme human beauty - love, generosity, curiosity, freedom of choice, unique creations, parenthood, friendship and compassion.

37. Learn about human discoveries and inventions.

38. Be the best parent to your child.

39. Support your child to grow into a conscious, brave, creative and responsible human.

40. Experience your vivid life.

Art Of Green Path - Overcome Challenges - Personal Challenges CREATE


41. Create something beautiful and valuable.

42. Create something unique and meaningful.

43. Connect head, heart and hands.

44. Quit your heartless destructive job.

45. Do what you love.

46. Integrate all your diverse skills and talents.

47. Experiment with choices where civilization coexists in harmony with nature.

48. Grow or catch some of your food.

49. Be curious to learn about healthy food choices and their impact on you and the planet.

50. Choose a vegetarian diet.

51. Teach people to reconnect with themselves through nature.

52. Do something functional and beautiful with your own hands.

53. Experiment with sustainable living.

54. Use the sun as renewable energy and life energy.

55. Buy less stuff.

56. Repair, reuse and repurpose stuff you have.

57. Improve your resilient skills for times of uncertainty and danger.

58. Connect with other people and share the beauty of life with them.

59. Join some visionary creative community.

60. Create your meaningful work.

Art Of Green Path - Overcome Challenges - Personal Challenges CONNECT


61. Inspire people in surprising ways.

62. Help people to find their joy and happiness.

63. Reveal opportunities for positive contributions.

64. Make transformative art that triggers a positive change in people.

65. Design your creative and financial freedom.

66. Choose what is right, reject what is wrong.

67. Live where you want and how you want.

68. Choose your meaningful work.

69. Design your desired future.

70. Build a sustainable house around your needs and creations.

71. Choose your positive impact and make a better world.

72. Give love in whatever you do.

73. Give all material stuff you don’t need to those in need.

74. Give the best of yourself by living your extraordinary life.

75. Inspire people to evolve their life experiences.

76. Inspire them to become who they are.

77. Connect and engage people in healthy life transformations.

78. Actively protect nature, ecological systems and wildlife.

79. Create your legacy.

80. Create your fulfilled life.


Which of these personal challenges can you do today to feel more motivated and inspired?

What can you do in a week? In a month? In a year?

Pick one and rewrite it through your perspective. See how it can affect your life goals. Focus on that challenge throughout the day. Extend the challenge for a week or a month.

Use LIGHT for your creative journaling to explore your life possibilities.

Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Overcome Challenges

It is expected to have more rounds of all these steps until you reach clarity about your life of discovery.

If you want to speed up this self-discovery process by increasing your clarity, motivation and focus, there is the Art Of Green Path LIGHT.

The LIGHT is a unique 12-step system, interactive journaling tool and your creative guide for designing your desired life. Use it to explore your life possibilities better.

Lifetime Challenge To Be The Seed Of Change

Why do we all chase the wrong values? More and more of us are becoming aware that humans are doing many things wrong - sometimes accidentally, often on purpose. We recognize unhealthy diets as life-threatening and our meaningless job as soul-crushing. Further, we see relentless debt-fueled growth as unsustainable. We reveal how corporations steal our wealth and our health. We are shocked by the dark side of capitalistic progress in destroyed biodiversity. A money-centric world is obviously wrong. Financial systems are mainly based on high gambling as big capital exploits humans and depletes natural resources. Greed and ignorance are tearing the world apart.

Many of us are ignorant of how the processes of life are interconnected between people and nature. As a result, many selfishly don't care about our healthy or sustainable future. All of that reflects a painful truth: we don't care about ourselves either. Because we don't know how to find the motivation we need. It is a vicious circle for all who don’t care.

But you care as you are here.

You feel that you are the seed of change for something beautiful and adventurous. The goal is to find your positive motivational energy, choose the focus of your life, and learn to feel your life is precious. By feeling good and powerful, you will become motivated to understand our unhealthy behaviours' alternatives. And replace unsustainable consumption patterns with choices simultaneously beneficial for you and for nature.

You will feel much more vital than now, and your next step will be to develop a new healthy lifestyle that will give you creative energy to change your future. It will even become possible to plan your adventurous out-of-the-box life at that stage. So do the first step to explore your life possibilities and pick the right challenges for you.

When you feel your life challenge as your opportunity to grow, you will be much closer to finding your motivation in life. This means recognizing everything that you find meaningful and combining your will and energy to make it happen as you want.

Life is beautiful. The catch is that only you can choose to reflect its beauty in your life choices. Do you want to overcome all challenges and something remarkable with your life?

How Do You Feel?
How Do You Want To Feel?

Depressed and Manipulated OR Happy and Authentic?

Sick and Ignorant OR Healthy and Inspired?

Destructive and Selfish OR Creative and Generous?

Trapped and Disconnected OR Free and Connected?

Art Of Green Path Light Helps You To Feel Happy Healthy Creative And Free

In our age of depression and consumerist lifestyle, many people are anxious and hungry for resonating answers to essential life questions: How to get motivated? How to feel alive? How to choose a healthy lifestyle? For sure, there is nothing more valuable than to be inspired for everything you desire to do.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT leads people on a journey of exploration that involves thoughtful questions, unique motivation and active focus on their path to be confident and plan life adventures.

Self Motivation is a self discovery that happens through these 3 sources:

Thoughtful Questions

Few people question conventional life choices. Learn how to ask and answer important questions that have a profound impact on your future.

Unique Motivation

The system offers obvious, easy, delusional choices - to control us. Learn how to motivate yourself around your values and life goals.

Active Focus

Our world is full of consumption and fears. Learn how to increase self-motivation by actively exploring healthy and adventurous living.

Below you will find my related insights to help you find right questions, develop right motivation and achieve right focus. 

What experience do you need?

How to develop a healthy lifestyle?

How can you live adventurously?

How to connect with nature & people?

Answers to these essential questions are making our life exciting and extraordinary, or dull and painful. Many are trapped in mainstream life of overconsumption and unhealthy choices. Being passive, not dare to seek better alternatives. So they stay stuck in a fog of addiction and sickness, ignoring the desire for a life adventure.

Instead, to feel passive and weak, you can feel healthy and alive. Only by experimenting with healthy motivation can you develop your conscious, healthy lifestyle. Even more, exploring connections with people and nature shape your adventurous living. Self-motivation is the key to feeling alive.

Finding healthy motivation is a transformative journey for all unbalanced souls.

Inspiration and Guidance.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Path Of Exploration

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Exploration - Experience Your Aliveness

Path Of Exploration is the second path of the Art Of Green Path. It is the interactive 7-module flow of insights and exercises to inspire your superpowers to discover your healthy lifestyle, kindle your adventurous spirit, and connect with nature.

To prepare you for that journey, I have the right challenge that will provoke your unconventional exploration and trigger your sense of wonder - Art Of Green Path LIGHT.

Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Motivate Yourself For Change
Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Be Healthy
Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Overcome Challenges
Art Of Green Path - Self Motivation - How To Connect To Nature

If you want to subscribe to the Art Of Green Path list, the best way is to first take The Life Change Quiz to get personalized results and guidance on your next steps.

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If you want to overcome your challenges and grow your motivation for change, now you have special opportunity to buy your personal transformative program Art Of Green Path LIGHT

You will also receive a free ebook 'LIGHT - 12 Steps To Change Your Life' to help you decipher your desired life.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

  • a unique 12-step system for your career and life change
  • your interactive creative diary to inspire your extraordinary life
  • a set of motivational guides and challenges to get you into action

Develop Self Motivation Through The Art Of Green Path

I believe that LIGHT can help you understand your healthy adventurous motivation. Feel that NOW is the right moment to dive deeper into your self-exploring and start growing your new life. LIGHT is designed to help you build your creative momentum of change, clear and write your best thoughts, and visualise your desired unconventional life, all in 12 interactive Steps. LIGHT is your personalised tool for active self-development. Learn more here.