Create Green Work And Life You Love

Do You Recognize Yourself?

you don’t feel happy with your life

you can’t find your purpose

you lack motivation for real change 

you don’t feel healthy and strong

you are missing adventure in your life

you lack inspiration and guidance

you don’t use your creative potential

you are stuck on the wrong job

you don’t know what career you want

you can’t decipher your desired life

you don’t see your opportunities

you aren’t ready for an uncertain future

Our Creative Excuses

Many people are more innovative in excuses than doing something that changes their lives for the better. 

We always find creative excuses for

not having the work we love

being on the wrong job

our unhealthy life

our destructive behaviors

another shopping

too little exercise

not creating anything meaningful

not having people who inspire us

massive debt and sold freedom

not developing our life

not designing our future

not having the life we love

It is easy to blame outside circumstances for our failures. Plus, there are always more than enough people in a similar kind of denial as we are, so we have good examples to follow. It is easy always to say something else is stopping us.

The Perfect Excuses For Our Lifeless Lives

Through the research and experience, I have found six main groups of excuses. First, they hold all our reasonings, fears, hesitations, and illusions to remain in the status quo. Second, they make us feel comfortable and safe in our wasted lives. Third, they do everything possible to keep us away from ourselves.

We can find an indefinite list of reasonable and unreasonable excuses and justifications for our particular situation in each of these groups. Open them if you dare! 

Lack of self-confidence and courage

I don’t believe in myself

I am not brave enough 

Others are much better than me

I worry about what people think about me

I don’t dare to do that

I’m afraid of failure

Money and status traps

I have invested too much time in my wrong career

I have massive debt or credit or mortgage

It is impossible to make money doing work you love

I sell my freedom and my health for the job I hate

I want more money and more stuff to feel less worthless

My job title gives me meaning

Lack of passion, vision and creative energy

I don’t know where I am going with my life

I am not creative

Too many options make me confused and overwhelmed

I don’t know anybody who is doing what I dream to do

I don’t have the needed skills and experience

My passion is just a hobby

Not enough time

I am occupied with my job, my stuff, my kids and my daily routines

I don’t have enough time to change my miserable life

Now is too late, I am too old – I would do it 5 or 10 or 20 years ago 

I keep myself busy and distracted

I am addicted to short-term pleasures (entertainment, food, gaming, gambling)

My job steals all my energy

Complex, ubiquitous fears

I am scared to fail

I have other priorities (like career, debt, other people) than being myself.

It is too risky, even dangerous, to live an authentic, unconventional happy life.

I need my illusions of safety and my golden cage (debt)

The world is so insecure and unpredictable

The meaning of life is consumption, addiction, and destruction

Mass delusions

I am copying what everybody else is doing

We are all slaves, and we can not change that

We all have to follow a usual way of life (in other words, a life that is unhealthy, ignorant and destructive) 

I am obliged to conform and to obey to get some short escapes

I will somehow, by chance, reach my illusions

If I work hard and consume a lot, I will be happy

What to do after seeing so many excuses you recognize in yourself?

Write your sad excuses on a piece of paper and put them on the fridge to remind you how you are giving up.

Or choose the infinitely better option:

Start changing your excuses by doing something extraordinary!

Read on for ideas and motivation!

Easy Widespread Obvious Choices

People who do what is easy, who follow widespread illusions, or who choose the obvious – they end up unhealthy, overweight, on the job they hate, drowned by debt, addicted, depressed, manipulated, destructive, disconnected from nature, and themselves.

The intelligent choices are often non-obvious, unconventional and challenging. But, unfortunately, on the other side, most people are stuck in widespread wrong choices. We often choose a mediocre life with predictable drawbacks that seem tolerable at first. But, as life progresses from education to debt to job to consumption, until illness, we are busy intoxicating and distracting ourselves, so we end up stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle, on the job we hate, sunk into debt traps, without passion for adventure and creation.

Everybody is doing the same, so we don’t have the encouragement and guidance we need. It is usual for people to become just the cogs in the machine of destruction. I know it is crazy that we live in a democratic society deliberately designed to fool people by the system of ignorance, exploitation, and unsustainable consumption. We are never meant to be free and alive. As the system kills biodiversity in nature, it damages creative diversity in humans. Often we are free to choose what is ultimately destructive to us.

Be different and be yourself – choose what is right for you.

Dare to create something positive, think with your head, follow your heart, and you will lead yourself.

Do what is challenging and meaningful, and you will find your true happiness.

Choose the unconventional visionary path, and you will develop the life you love.

Why Are We Slaves Of Jobs We Hate?

The most significant waste in human life potential is doing a loveless and meaningless job. If we neglect our motivation, soon we lose confidence to change our destructive and wrong job. After that, we can not fire our creative energy to make a different path possible. At the final stage, our lifeless consumption is killing us, and we negatively impact the world. In short, we are slaves of jobs we hate. Unfortunately, many people are. The system is designed to make us drowned in debt and chained in our cubicles, ignorant about our true life values, to push consumption and bloody profit for few.

That’s not how it should be. The whole life is about finding the right inspiration and motivation to create something meaningful and feel happy and alive. A new career is an opportunity to find new meaning in your work and a new balance in your life.

Why not design the work you love?

Step Out Of Your Box Into Your Ocean Of Possibilities

There is nothing more exciting than taking an active role in the world around you, and there is nothing more worthwhile as well.

Despite all the problems in our world, many people refuse to improve themselves and their surroundings because they are afraid to take any risks and fail. Instead, they cling to their invisible masters, who feed their resistance to change. As a result, many people get lost in their shiny prisons. Complex systems are put in place to control our education, jobs, consumption, distractions, and dependence. It is no coincidence that they produce obedient, unfree, and unhappy cogs in the capitalist-consumerist machine.

A lack of transformation is the most significant risk of all. Staying in the same unhappy, unfulfilled state makes things much worse as time goes on. Only curious, resilient, and proactive people can thrive and find what they want in our complex world. Everyone else is deceived, exploited, and spit out. Your security can only come from your inner strengths and abilities to decipher the mess and adapt ever-changing possibilities to your needs.

Step out of your box into your ocean of possibilities. Discover something intrinsic and alive in you. Develop your strengths and determination. Make your vision worthwhile and your goals tangible. Focusing on your smart personal growth inspires your desired future.

Why not reinvent your life?

Start Your Positive Life Transformation

Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart! Leave the burdens of your unhappy, unhealthy, meaningless or unfulfilled life beyond and step into the beauty of your visionary creations. Step into your desired future.

Transformation means leaving old wrong patterns and discovering new extraordinary paths.

ART OF GREEN PATH inspires you to replace:

ignorance with awareness

despair with happiness

submission with motivation

fear with confidence

confusion with exploration

sickness with health

inaction with adventure

consumption with creation

traps with freedom

destruction with care

mess with impact

anxiety with connection

Just imagine what your life might look like if you brought some of these new virtues into it. Think about what would become possible in such a new reality. How would you feel? Is it worth trying everything possible for all this?

Choose Your Life Quest

To be on a life quest is to wake up your dreams into the shape of your authentic purpose. To be on a life quest is to grow your aliveness through unconventional actions that lead you to the desired future. To be on a life quest is to feel healthy and use your creativity to do something meaningful that only you can do. Finally, to be on a life quest is to choose your brave, extraordinary life despite all the frightened lifeless people around you.

That process takes the right inspiration, a series of conscious choices, high motivation and focused creation. ART OF GREEN PATH Experience is the guided journey for your beautiful metamorphosis. Here you will discover your desired future and create your art of life. 

It is fantastic and completely logical that by creating your healthy future, you will at the same time create a healthy future for the world.

What is your life quest?


Choose yourself.

Feel and understand yourself.

Become who you are.

Explore the world.

Connect with nature.

Design your desired future.

Create work you love.

Create extraordinary life.

Reinvent yourself.

You can change – only what you understand.

You can care – only when you love it.

If you are looking for a change in your life, you want to:

Probably you are not fully aware that you also need to:

Four Essential Levels Of Life Transformation

When we want to change something meaningfully, we need to transform our energies and actions from passive to conscious choices, from closed to open outlook, from selfish to interconnected behaviors.

In a nutshell – we feel and change INSIDE WORLD first. Then we explore and understand the INTERCONNECTED WORLD. After that, we passionately leap into the CREATIVE WORLD. Ultimately, we influence and co-create a FUTURE WORLD

In that sense, there are four essential levels of life transformation:

1. introspect yourself

understand and feel what you want and what you need

2. grow yourself

become able to achieve what you want

3. transform your life

change your wrong choices and become who you want to be

4. transform other lives

multiply positive impact by empowering other people’s actions

Start your transformation with the right questions!

To Be Different And Persevere

Tricky parts of transformation are choice, motivation, and creation. Everything has to be perceived from your outlook and life situation. Obviously, you have to become very much involved if you want results that work for you.

The first challenge, how not to choose what is obvious, comfortable, and easy (but ultimately wrong)?

The second challenge, how to keep motivation high in times of doubts, distractions, and mountains on your path?

The third challenge, how to unite your coherent and passionate vision to create something original, useful, meaningful, and sustainable?


The ART OF GREEN PATH Experience empowers your life transformation through FOUR interconnected PATHS:

Discover Your Authentic Happiness

1. Path Of Awareness

Discover Your Authentic Happiness

Experience Your Aliveness

2. Path Of Exploration

Experience Your Aliveness

Create Work You Love

3. Path Of Invention

Create Work You Love

Reinvent Your Life

4. Path Of Fulfillment

Reinvent Your Life

Art Of Green Path Experience

The ART OF GREEN PATH Experience has eight visionary goals (two per each Path) to cover many life-changing goals:

1. Path Of Awareness

  • understand who you want to be
  • feel your life purpose

2. Path Of Exploration

  • develop your healthy lifestyle
  • envision your adventure

3. Path Of Invention

  • harness your creativity
  • invent your meaningful career

4. Path Of Fulfillment

  • design your smart future
  • evolve your positive impact

The ART OF GREEN PATH Experience is not one thing – eight different models are uniquely and synergistically combined:

Imagine what would become possible in your new life!

The ART OF GREEN PATH Experience has six visionary features to guide you into the future where you want to go.

Personalized transformative journeyto create the life you love.Inspiration & motivationfor smart daily and strategic choices.Unique online playgroundfor a personal and professional transformation.Curated challengesthat make your insights structured and interconnected.Unique visualizationsto enhance your learning and creation process.Deep connectionwith yourself, with nature and with people.

Feature 1 – Personalized transformative journey to create the life you love

What do you want to change in your life? Why do you need these changes? How to make smart choices?

These questions crave your answers and your commitment.

Each Path has seven Modules designed to guide you through seven different stages of your transformative journey:1. understand your needs before you set out to explore further2. be inspired and learn what is possible and suitable for you3. motivate yourself for building momentum and the reasons why4. focus and develop your most ingenious ideas5. create desired outcomes and make your vision alive6. look holistically at the challenge7. share and celebrate completed Path

Feature 2 – Inspiration & motivation for smart daily and strategic choices

ART OF GREEN PATH Experience is designed so that you can understand, grow and nurture your motivation from different angles.

Seeds of motivation:How much do you really want a different life?How long can you stay in the wrong environment with the wrong people and wrong ideas around you?When will your creative sparks die? Or will you kill them?Who can understand this yearning inside? Do you crave enough?How can your craving be directed toward action?Who can inspire your new path of transformation?How do you feel separated from nature? What can heal youHow much do you want to stop crawling and start using the wings of life?

Feature 3 – Unique online playground for a personal and professional transformation

The whole creative journey is designed in a step-by-step interactive fashion to inspire and motivate your active participation.

Through FOUR PATHS, 28 Modules and 100+ Guides, you move as you grow, from inner to outer layers. As you know from before, we follow here four essential levels of life transformation.

Duration is flexible – you follow your own pace, guided by a structured and open process. We count 12 weeks to complete each Path, but it depends on the person, goals, focus and results. So it can be twice as fast and twice as slow.

The next Module is released when the current one is completed, which means all four Guides are also done. The completion of the Module becomes your Leap with its Insight as a landmark on your journey.

The goal is to write all the Insights and achieve all the Leaps to complete a Path.

Feature 4 – Curated challenges that make your insights structured and interconnected

You can ask for help at any moment and get direct support from me precisely at the point where you are stuck.

As you follow each Guide, you are learning about a specific topic and solving different challenges. The key is to write notes and Insights (interactively on each page) that help you structure your thoughts, understand your goals, feel your motivation, guide your action, track your progress, and support your transformation. 

The final Insight from each Guide summarizes all previous notes and represents your answer to that specific Challenge.

Throughout the whole journey, you have all your notes and Insights available that help you solve final challenges in each Module.

In a way, they form your online diary, focused not on dates but subjects of your interests in life. Together they contain your best ideas, strategies and steps for how to create your desired work and life.

Feature 5 – Unique visualizations to enhance your learning and creation process

The whole journey is visualized with unique graphical elements for each Path, Module, Guide and Challenge. The level of completion on each page encourages further progress and adds a playful game-like character to the whole journey.

Choose YourselfArt OF Green PathFour PathsCreate The Life You Love

Feature 6 – Deep connection with yourself, with nature and with people

ART OF GREEN PATH Experience is designed to encourage positive human roles in the world’s future. Ecological lifestyle, conscious choices, responsible behavior, and balance with nature are integrated into guides and challenges.

As you progress through Paths, your life has a more positive impact on people and nature. You become happier, healthier, more conscious, more connected, with positive energy and high motivation – so your actions become more generous, more creative, more ecological, and more responsible.

As we see from the state of the world, many human choices are destructive to nature and other people. So you can be sure, ART OF GREEN PATH emphasizes and supports only positive and alternative life choices.

Art Of Green Path

Roman Kos / ART OF GREEN PATH founder & creator

I love people. I love nature. I love extraordinary, creative and daring life. As a grateful human, world explorer, effective altruist, and lifelong learner, I am continuously exploring better ways to increase my positive social and ecological impact by being directly involved in the most pressing world problems through my conscious career and lifestyle choices.

My mission is to empower people to create the life they love that is also good for others. I help them understand their authentic green path, develop a healthy, adventurous sustainable lifestyle and choose meaningful visionary work. Together we must care more for the planet, be more playful and loving and do more positive, impactful actions that help all people, regenerate nature, and enrich and protect life for future generations.

I love to go where I have never gone before. I love steep climbs, sea reflections and life-changing experiences. I want to be part of a thriving community of people doing good. My life is a unique adventure with a purpose.

Join me here on this extraordinary journey!Roman

Modules and Goals

Each of the FOUR PATHS has seven Modules (M11-17. M21-M27, M31-M37 and M41-M47) which names reveal their Goals.

Path 1 – Path Of Awareness

Path 2 – Path Of Exploration

Path 3 – Path Of Invention

Path 4 – Path Of Fulfillment

Why is the ART OF GREEN PATH Experience unique?

It guides change toward your unconventional life.

Art Of Green Path originates from my experience and experiences of many unconventional people from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, mainstream life is not the best choice for unique, intelligent, creative people. Unconventional life becomes valuable when mainstream life is falling apart. 

Art Of Green Path gives you clarity, motivation, and guidance on your journey to create the life you love.

It is a wholesome investment for your future.

It aims to improve your awareness and abilities to become a happier, healthier, more creative, and more fulfilled version of yourself. Therefore, it positively changes and your present and your future.

As you create work and life you love – your life has more meaning and more contribution.

It is not a trend but has long-term value. It is also future-proof.

It brings crucial answers in the time of crisis.

The corona pandemic has made people reflect more on where they are in life and what they spend their time and energy on.

Art Of Green Path has a vision based on real human needs and alternative behaviors aimed at creative action and resilience in an increasingly challenging world.

The world is a mess, but real alternative life is connected with nature and people on multiple levels.

It gives structure and flexibility.

Original interconnected paths with curated modules motivate you to move along your transformation and ultimately create the life you love. Flexible questions wake up your creativity and open your thinking as well your actions in extraordinary ways.

Curious growth + adventurous exploration + creative motivation + focused action = system for personal change.

Work that is fun and challenging and above all work that matters.

It is green.

Art of Green Path brings only positive personal and professional transformation values connected with our role in better world creation.

You become happier, healthier, more conscious, more connected, with positive energy and high motivation – so your actions become more generous, more creative, more ecological, and more responsible.

As you progress through Paths, your life has a more positive impact on people and nature.

It is personalized and interactive.

The system holds and shows all your answers as you progress through Guides, Modules, and Paths, so you can easily compare and align your insights in different topics. And change your goals and priorities.

You get direct help precisely at the point where you are stuck.

Art Of Green Path is unique interactive guidance toward your desired alternative life. Its four Paths lead you through awareness, exploration, invention, and fulfillment – from inside to the outside world, from knowledge to action. 

It encourages your progress.

Every module and guide counts the percentage of completion, so in each moment, you can see the level of your involvement in each topic.

Your insights are structured in a way that brings on surface crucial answers to your challenges.

As a unique combination of personal and professional growth – it gives you encouraging triggers to realize and expand your life potential.

It is adventurous.

Art Of Green Path gives people healthy and creative adventure in a sense it connects a healthy lifestyle with innovative thinking, altogether focusing on Life As An Adventure motto.

Whether physical or emotional, personal or professional, alone or shared, adventure is always transformative when it opens new realms of human endeavors on Earth. 

Being an Artist Of Life is an unforgettable adventure.

The ART OF GREEN PATH Experience includes:


1. Path Of Awareness

 how to love yourself & understand who you want to be

2. Path Of Exploration

how to grow your healthy lifestyle & adventurous journey

3. Path Of Invention 

how to change your career & create the work you love

4. Path Of Fulfillment 

how to transform your life & make the better world

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

clarity about who you are and who you can become

insights into your current and desired work and life (with your smart choices) 

the inspiration, motivation, and focus for all layers of your transformative journey

four interconnected paths toward your desired and healthy future

accountability to actively move where you want to go

Exclusive Personalized Content

curated exercises and challenges that empower your emotional, ecological, creative and resilient well-being

structured and visualized step-by-step 4 Paths and 28 Modules

100+ unique transformative Guides

100+ visualizations of all parts of the concept with key actions

personalized Leaps of transformation

Journey & Interaction

one year access to a password-protected membership site that holds all your insights and notes, interactive journey and personalized progress

personalized follow-up email communication to encourage your motivation and creation

coaching and consulting

dashboard for your journey of transformation

the original interactive framework to become the Artist Of Life

Personalized Services

be among the first curious explorers, build the core of the ART OF GREEN PATH tribe

get my full attention and personalized guidance for your progress and success

get coaching & consulting via direct communication with me

influence new features with your suggestions, co-create ART OF GREEN PATH, contribute directly to the creation of a better world

get lifetime status as the Artist Of Light (VIP status, benefits, priority, extra care)

Special Offer for all FOUR PATHS


Path Of Awareness

Path Of Exploration

Path Of Invention

Path Of Fulfillment

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

Exclusive Personalized Content

Journey & Interaction 

Price: $39 monthly

Special Offer for one PATH

Path Of Awareness

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

Exclusive Personalized Content

Journey & Interaction 

Price: $19 monthly

Path Of Exploration

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

Exclusive Personalized Content

Journey & Interaction 

Price: $19 monthly

Path Of Invention

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

Exclusive Personalized Content

Journey & Interaction 

Price: $19 monthly

Path Of Fulfillment

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

Exclusive Personalized Content

Journey & Interaction 

Price: $19 monthly


30 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

60 days money-back guarantee, if you do all exercises and challenges, ask for help when needed and follow additional guidance and recommendations.

Be Sure Of Your Decision

I can not do anything to change my life.

If you put effort and focus on it, you can!

I behave the same as everybody else. Can’t so many people be wrong, right?

Yes, they can, and they are.

I am weak, without inspiration and motivation.

But you can grow both inspiration and motivation.

It is too risky to try any change. Isn’t it better to obey?

The highest risk is not try to do anything.

Dreams are for children. For me, life is the vicious fight where I am losing.

Dreams are the very start of something new. Children with their imagination and curiosity bring seeds of new life.

It is easier to do what you are told to do. Being creative is too hard. Isn’t compliance good for us?

It is ok if you want to have a forgettable life. However, extraordinary life requires extraordinary creativity.

I am so scared to try to understand myself.

Nobody else can do it for you. It’s worth the effort.

I don’t believe it. Sadly, many false promises around us involve all these shiny useless products and miracles that solve our worries without effort.

ART OF GREEN PATH Experience requires a lot of effort and commitment. It is original and designed to help people create the life they love.

I feel numb with fear. All kinds of fear rule my life. I feel hopeless.

After you climb your mountain of fear, you can much better see the sun that shines on your path.

Life is too complicated to understand, almost impossible to change it.

ART OF GREEN PATH Experience is structured in a way that guides you step-by-step where you want to go.

I don’t want to lose my money.

ART OF GREEN PATH Experience comes with 30 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked. So you have nothing to lose.

Grey Choice 

You don’t take the leap and your desired future will probably not happen. 

Everything stays as it is.

Green Choice 

You take the leap and choose to create the life you love. 

Nothing will be the same.

Why Is Modern Life Wrong?

Why are so many people so unhappy? Why are illnesses like heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, depression so widespread? Why does more money give less fulfillment?

Modern life is soulless and unsustainable. Rat-race through stress and lack of real purpose causes all kinds of addictions and anxiety.

Modern life is unhealthy for the body, for the mind, for the soul. Modern humans are alienated from themselves, from each other, and nature.

depression is a huge problem

obesity is a huge problem

drugs are a huge problem

alcohol is a huge problem

gaming is a huge problem 

debt is a huge problem

overconsumption is a huge problem

loneliness is a huge problem

imbalance is a huge problem

selfishness is a huge problem

fear is a huge problem

inequalities are a huge problem

Every day we are bombarded with many shiny options that want to steal our time, money, health, freedom. They are often wrong choices for us, especially in the long run, as they hide actual costs that we would never accept in our rational state of mind. But we are deceived by false promises and emotional manipulations so much that we can not recognize what is best for us. The world spins around unstoppable and unsustainable consumption. All are searching for our exposed wounds and vulnerabilities to make us more trapped, dependent, and lost. The whole system is made against us, for sure.

Special offers, ubiquitous credits, expensive cars, luxury smartphones, fast food, social media abyss, addictive meds, media-induced fears, shallow entertainment – this never-ending chaos and traps make our brains perplexed and our hearts deceived.

By having less and less time, less money, less freedom, less and less health, we are becoming easy prey for modern-day vultures.

Too much revolves around money and the desire for possession and material wealth.We lose our health to earn money and later spend all this money trying to recover health – ending miserable and lost in this futile process.

Modern illnesses like depression, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer show how deadly our lifestyle is.

Debt is an invisible cell where you reject your freedom for immediate rewards and long-term suffering.

We are separated from ourselves through a toxic flood of irrelevant and distractive media in the manipulative destructive world we are part of.

Many lost species, destroyed habitats, depleted resources, and growing inequality show how our lifestyle is selfish and unsustainable.

Something is very wrong when we so often feel lost from ourselves.Something is very wrong when we destroy everything for blood money. 

Rare is an option where you can see your thoughts clearly and get genuine help to decide your goals, values, and what is best for you in all dimensions of your life. Rare is an option that celebrates your virtues and guides you to become who you really want to be. 

ART OF GREEN PATH restores balance to the body, mind, heart and soul.

ART OF GREEN PATH connects people to themselves, to each other and to nature.

ART OF GREEN PATH is a flow of actions for positive life change.

ART OF GREEN PATH inspires the creation of a different future.

ART OF GREEN PATH is a play and a guide – it leads your life adventure.

Do You Want To Be Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem?

As we see around us and in the world – nature is damaged, species are disappearing, life is dying, weather cycles are unpredictable, even viruses becoming deadly – life balance is destroyed. We are poisoning our food and wasting our water. Our impact on Earth’s resources is unsustainable.Humans in our developed world have an insatiable hunger for stuff. Our selfish desires try to fill the void of our empty souls. We don’t empathize with all those weak, silent, young, old, intelligent, conscious, different. We are spinning the hell of the ride of our minds’ amusement parks, high on substances that are killing us, crawling through our insignificance toward the next dopamine rush in our heartless lifeless toxic lives. So how could we have compassion for all those deceived, exploited, damaged people and all those polluted and destroyed places – that make our crazy ride possible? All those beautiful humans we pretend don’t exist. All this beautiful nature we so readily destroy.We, humans, do everything we can to kill ourselves and the planet. 

Do you want to be part of the solution or part of the problem? You still have the choice.Do you want to get lost in denial or ride your life bravely? Blue or red pill, you choose.

The state of the world is a mirror of elements in each of us. Our inner misery is reflected in our poor decisions. Our fears kill our creation. Do we have something to share? Do we want something to give? Can we lead someone with the heart? Do we regret our lives?People who take the conscious path involving self-growth and exploring better lifestyle choices – these brave people successfully wake up their creative energy needed for work and life change.Scientific research shows that happy people with balanced healthy lives become much more aware of their intricate connection with all kinds of life – these people are eager to protect them.The future brings the reinvention of work being less transactional and more transformational.People’s needs are different now: from work to pay for our lives – to work for meaning, purpose, and connection.In other words, our life quest leads us to create a sustainable future. People who love themselves are closer to loving other people and to loving nature. Future needs more responsible and loving people who dare to create meaningful interaction with the world.The ART OF GREEN PATH’s mission is to connect and support these people.

Nature Is Our Mother

There are billions of more intelligent solutions instead of destroying everything we touch or allowing others to do so through our ignorance and apathy. Unfortunately, our economy is based on quick profits from the long-term destructive impact on people and nature. Intentionally ruthless capitalism causes enormous inequalities and puts our ecological systems out of balance. We all feed the giant invisible monsters that eat us. 

People have to take a completely different approach if they want to thrive on Earth. We need to replace our ignorance and selfishness with curiosity and holistic solutions. That means stop doing and supporting the wrong things and start doing and creating the right things. It is pretty easy to distinguish them – what everybody is doing is very likely wrong. What requires thinking, creativity, patience, and proactive effort is the right direction.

Life indeed happens when your creative sparks dance together with all of the world’s creatures. If we see nature as our mother, all life choices become more apparent. Does it help life to thrive or not? Does it destroy or nurture?

Conscious people respect nature, eat healthy food, choose a job with a positive impact, care for life, looking for ways how they can protect the biosphere we all depend on. They know how their healthy choices are good for themselves and the planet too.

The ART OF GREEN PATH is a much better alternative for you and the planet.

Reinvent Yourself

Humans have been resilient and resourceful on their way to world dominance. However, in the last decades, we have become spoiled with technology and consumption, so we have forgotten to continuously invent new skills needed for thriving in our challenging times. Are we still capable of understanding better than all other species? Will we be suppressed by our inventions, like globalization and artificial intelligence?

When will each of us accept responsibility to explore solutions to overcome this mess we have created. We need to recognize life energy in ourselves. Through our conscious, healthy choices, we can create a healthy future and leave the matrix. The matrix is an artificial world on top of the natural world. Nature gives us life. Being connected to her makes us happy and healthy. Nature heals us. Few people understand this.

You are an integral part of nature – choose yourself – reconnect with yourself – reinvent yourself – reconnect with nature. 

The ART OF GREEN PATH is your unique journey of love.

Be in love with yourselfwith a wonderful worldyour meaningful creationsand your extraordinary life.Just be in love.


What is the difference between LIGHT and EXPERIENCE?

Art Of Green Path LIGHT is a 12-step challenge to ignite your life change. It consists of a limited selection of Guides from all four Paths, so it is a perfect introduction to the EXPERIENCE or FOUR PATHS.

Art Of Green Path FOUR PATHS is a premium transformative journey, through four interconnected Paths. Each Path is spanning through 7 Modules and holds many Guides and Challenges. The EXPERIENCE is an interactive curated fully supported journey toward specific ultimate Goals, covering many important aspects of creation, career and life. 

For whom is the ART OF GREEN PATH not designed?

ART OF GREEN PATH is not for people who want to be like everybody else. For those who want to be ignorant and passive. For those who want to be selfish and destructive. For those who want to manipulate or be manipulated. For those who don’t want to develop their creativity and create something meaningful. For those who don’t want to develop their emotional intelligence and give love. For those who don’t care about other people and don’t care about nature. It is definitely not for people who are not curious about life as an adventure and who are not passionate about finding their purpose.

How long does the LIGHT challenge last?

The whole challenge lasts about 24 days, with 2 days between the Steps. Of course, depending on each person’s focus and commitment.


As a very specific and sensitive issue, depending on the skills, motivation, focus and goals of a particular person, the duration cannot be determined exactly. On average, we count each Path in twelve weeks, with two weeks between the Modules.

What is the ART OF GREEN PATH concept of transformation?

When we want to change something in a meaningful way, we need to transform our energies and our actions from passive to an active choice, from closed to open outlook, from selfish to interconnected behaviors.

In a nutshell – we discover and feel our inside world first. Then we explore and understand the outside world. After that, we change and create our new world. Finally, we influence and co-create a better world.

In that sense, there are 4 essential levels of personal transformation:introspect yourself – understand and feel what you want and what you needgrow yourself – become able to achieve what you want transform your life – change your wrong choices and become who you want to betransform other lives – multiply your positive impact by empowering other people’s actions

How are FOUR PATHS interconnected?

Paths follow this concept of transformation. The Path Of Awareness guides you to grow your happiness and picture your purpose. The Path Of Exploration guides you to explore your healthy adventure and your connections to people and nature. The Path Of Invention guides you to develop creative impact and invent work you love. The Path Of Fulfillment guides you to shape your fulfilled life by empowering other people.

Why is the ART OF GREEN PATH created?

Because I wanted to help and inspire people to become happier and more creative in life. I also wanted to give them what they really need when looking for their unique purpose.

There is insufficient guidance for curious, unconventional, creative people’s journeys, including personal growth and care for nature.

My love for life has been higher than the fear of failure.

Because no one else would. I could unite many different perspectives into a unique and valuable vision through my analytical and creative abilities, values, and experiences.

Our chaotic unsustainable world needs massive change toward a healthy lifestyle and more conscious living connected to nature, and such change begins within us.

I wanted to create something for all past, present and future artists of life.

What is the ultimate goal of ART OF GREEN PATH?

That you dare to create the life you love, the extraordinary life good for everyone, for nature and for the future. So that many people connect together through their virtuous life pursuits, willing to build a better world.


ART OF GREEN PATH Experience is designed for beloved precious life explorers. Yes, for you!

If you wonder what to change in your life to feel happy and fulfilled, if you are looking for inspiration for your different lifestyle, if you want to discover your meaningful work and grow your creative future, you are at the right place.

Path Of Awareness

Discover Your Authentic Happiness

Path Of Exploration

Experience Your Aliveness

Path Of Invention 

Create Work You Love

Path Of Fulfillment 

Reinvent Your Life

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Path Of Awareness

Path Of Exploration

Path Of Invention

Path Of Fulfillment

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

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Path Of Awareness

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

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Path Of Exploration

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

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Path Of Invention

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

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Path Of Fulfillment

Clarity + Motivation + Guidance

Exclusive Personalized Content

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60 days money-back guarantee, if you do all exercises and challenges, ask for help when needed and follow additional guidance and recommendations.

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