Art Of Green Path Is About Helping People Reinvent Themselves

Art Of Green Path - Four Paths

The essence of the Art Of Green Path is to be the outstanding resource that really helps people change their lives. The resource that inspires, motivates, and makes people adventurous and dared to create something remarkable with their only lives. In our time of distractions and destruction, when many people are too passive and too ignorant, precious are those who want to be different. I want to help you create the life you love, the life that makes a better world for everyone. Join me on this mission! Roman

We Are Different For A Reason

An unlimited amount of online content doesn’t require much from you besides passive consumption. On the one hand, its purpose is to entertain, surprise, and make you laugh or cry, so you forget your life situation for a moment. But, on the other hand, there is another type of content to stress you out and make you worried, anxious and fearful. Both are made to keep you in the status quo where other forces move your life as they want.

Art Of Green Path is inspirational, motivational content that requires active participation. It is designed to unleash your strengths, keep you focused and open the creative energy needed for your life change.

So if you expect amusing forgettable things without effort and creation needed from your side, it is better to look elsewhere. But if you want to feel your heartbeat as you grow your authentic life essence and explore your better choices to create the life you love - you are at the right place.

My 20 Personal Insights

That Helped Me Become Who I Am

The Essence Of The Art Of Green Path
Art Of Green Path - Path Of Awareness
  • Love yourself
  • Connect yourself to nature
  • Be the extraordinary human
  • Focus on positive perspectives
  • Discover your authentic purpose
Art Of Green Path - Path Of Exploration
  • Escape destructive circle
  • Carve your own path with the heart
  • Don’t sell your freedom
  • Be inspired by bright and brave people
  • Stretch yourself in new environments
Art Of Green Path - Path Of Invention
  • Envision your creative challenge
  • Quit your wrong job
  • Overcome distractions and excuses
  • Create something meaningful
  • Be unconventional and good
Art Of Green Path - Path Of Fulfillment
  • Thrive within the natural world
  • Positively transform people
  • Connect people to nature and to people
  • Spread choices of our healthy future
  • Celebrate wonders of life

Art Of Green Path's Vision

Personal And Social Transformations

Personal And Social Transformations by Art Of Green Path

When we think, feel, act and care in a wholesome way that supports not just ourselves and our children but also other people and nature as a living organism, we show our emotional ecological intelligence.

When we unite our healthy choices for our healthy future, we live our next evolutionary step.

We become visionary humans when we choose work we love and create something good through it.

When we protect the nature we depend on and transform our lives to reconnect people with nature, we create our art of life.

Curious to learn more about Personal And Social Transformations? Explore the whole Four Paths page to better understand Art Of Green Path's vision. 

The Life Change Quiz

Find Out Your Desired Life Direction

The Life Change Quiz by Art Of Green Path

Find out where you are with your life, what you need to change to achieve desired results and get personalized results and guidance on your next steps.

Inspiration and Guidance.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path - Create The Life You Love

The Journey Toward My Life Vision

Sure there were a bunch of vital choices I have taken to overcome my fears, excuses, and procrastination. After 8 years of feeling lost and unhappy on the exciting and challenging but ultimately wrong job in marketing innovations. Being a slave for corporate goals, I was craving my transformative change. To quit that ‘wanted job’ and all similar ‘artificial soulless jobs’ forever.

When I was ready, I left unhappy shores and sailed past the horizon in my envisioned future. The future of abundance and purpose. In designing my better reality, I have applied everything I have experienced before - all good and the bad. Now I fearlessly thrive innovating personal transformations for my beloved tribe of people.

I Choose My Creation And My Impact

Feeling of real freedom to decide when I work, where I work, why I work, how I work. Developing my own projects, I can select my customers, my co-creators, and partners. Further, I can choose to live wherever I want, even living in more countries depending on the season. By planning my goals, my schedule, my travels, and my holidays, I am master of my time. All that gives us resilience and balanced well-being.

Above all, I enjoy a superb time with my son. As my family likes exploring, we often travel all around Europe. In the past, I have extensively traveled to many remote parts of our beautiful world. Often we experience life as an adventure, in nature, and in the cities. Life can be explored further and beyond personal pleasures. Something incredible waits in peculiar places for those who dare to see beyond obvious.

What An Incredible Life!

Not for everybody, but for me for sure. Though I have purposefully designed it that way, I am nevertheless grateful for my creative freedom. By making a better world, I want to inspire and empower people (like you) to develop their meaningful work and fulfilled life. Let all curious persons become happy, connected, free, and inspiring humans.

Wow! What a delight! These 20 leaps above tell the story of my life. I adore this journey of creating the life I love. Not at all easy and obvious, but such experience gives me joy, and freedom, and fulfillment. Everything is meant for helping people become better and care about nature. The essence of the Art Of Green Path itself.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

  • a unique 12-step system for your career and life change
  • your interactive creative diary to inspire your extraordinary life
  • a set of motivational guides and challenges to get you into action

My Life In Pictures

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I love nature. I love extraordinary life. To feel my place in it, I explore the world in many different forms and revelations.

My mission is to empower people to create the life they love. I help them find meaningful visionary work and their healthy, adventurous lifestyle. Together we have to care more for the planet and be more playful. 

I love to go where I have never gone before. I love steep climbs and juicy apricots. I see my life as an adventure.

Join me here on this extraordinary journey!