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Art Of Green Path guides you to be more confident and find yourself.

Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Love Yourself

10 Essential Tips On How To Love Yourself

1. Recognize WHO YOU ARE

2. BE GRATEFUL that you are alive


4. Recognize EVERYTHING GOOD in life

5. Always think POSITIVELY

6. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS with a friend

7. Find an INSPIRING environment

8. Set your PERFECT GOAL

9. Move every day A LITTLE CLOSER to it

10. Cherish your PRECIOUS LIFE

Life should be playful, beautiful, curious, unpredictable journey of authentic discoveries. If you let it be.

Lost Touch With Yourself

Not loving yourself leads to a miserable life of negativism and fear. Rejecting your values and giving up on your dreams makes you unhappy and lost. Together with lousy reasoning, you are trapped inside meaningless living. That makes you vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation. You are driven by selfishness, limiting beliefs and destructive behaviours. You forgot how to love yourself. Having lost self-confidence every goal seems impossible. As a result, you are disconnected from yourself.

Love Yourself By Choosing Love Instead Of Fear

Love yourself means understanding your deep desires and needs, learning from your mistakes, making life choices that lead you where you want to go. This never-ending process of self discovery grows us beyond our comfortable shells, despite fear. It makes us enthusiastic, self confident, thoughtful people who feel the essence of life. Then our happiness comes from within. Only when you know yourself can you shape your purpose. Art Of Green Path guides you to love yourself.

Revitalise Your Authentic Colours

Loving yourself leads to a desire for understanding the world inside you. It grows endless possibilities for positive change. So to revitalise your authentic colours - love yourself, love nature, do what you love and sense life as love. Your life can be your meaningful, exciting, creative and generous adventure.

Why Art Of Green Path

Art Of Green Path empowers positive life transformations through a curated journey of better life choices. Hence, it gives you a personal perspective to discover your path of understanding.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

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  • your interactive creative diary to inspire your extraordinary life
  • a set of motivational guides and challenges to get you into action

Learn How To Love Yourself

Art Of Green Path LIGHT Guides You There Through These 12 Steps

Learn How To Love Yourself And How To Be Happy

If you want to love yourself - now you have a chance to try Art Of Green Path LIGHT -  a 12-step interactive challenge that can change your life forever! Bonus: a free ebook!

Self-love is a vital step on your path to understanding yourself.

Your 10 Choices To Love Yourself

Life Is Boundless Creative Adventure If We Dare To Be

Loving yourself is a dynamic process of growth, requiring determination, with trials and errors, ups and downs - as any meaningful endeavour and creative pursuit. Art Of Green Path LIGHT is your journey full of personal discoveries.

1. Recognize WHO YOU ARE

First, you are definitely human. Then you are a woman, man, child... Maybe mother, father, son or daughter. Lucky if you are a lover, explorer, patron or dreamer. Perhaps art student, designer freelancer, senior chess player. You are sometimes lonely, often independent, too connected or ultimately free. I think you are the creator or willing to become one. You love nature as much as I do. You want to create a better world but are not sure how. You are pure love.

Discover your own path to becoming who you are. Feel focused and passionate by experimenting with your authentic creations. Feel connected to yourself, people and nature. Through your resilient choices, feel free. Feel loved.

2. BE GRATEFUL that you are alive

Be connected with nature. Try to learn from nature. Care for the biosphere as the source of life and well-being for all people. Always look on the bright side of life and genuinely care for the intricate balance between nature and people. Replace your addictions and distractions with inspirations and creations. Feel the healthy flow of energy. Show how life can be happy and meaningful despite all problems and imperfections. Be in love with life.


Nobody can tell you your future. You have to go through a personal process of self-discovery. It helps if it is a guided and structured journey, but you have to dive deep into your conscious and emotional self.

To feel your desired future, you need to go on your authentic life journey (physical or spiritual). First, explore the world (or a small part of it) from your perspective to recognize its colours in yourself. Then, experiment with where you want to live and what lifestyle will inspire and fulfil you. Developing self-esteem is valuable for all future endeavors.

The most important is to find the job you love where you feel respected for who you are. The perfect job can open your creative potential and positively influence people through your creations.

4. Recognize EVERYTHING GOOD in life

All people you have met, all joys you have shared, all horizons you have seen, all trees you have breathed, all lips you have kissed, all smiles you have provoked, all creations you have born - everything made you who you are today. Practice every day recognizing and remembering everything you can still give to others to make their lives more extraordinary to feel them more loved. Such good energy will inspire new creations and make your mosaic of love more complete. Love yourself. Love nature. Give love.

5. Always think POSITIVELY

There is no point wasting life on negative thoughts, regrets, doubts and fears. Feeling bad, guilty, inferior, or anxious doesn't help either. All these stop life energies from flowing, like when water is frozen into ice, only without the uniqueness and beauty of ice. Only cold remains after such disempowering messed up cycles of negativism. And our lifeless stare into emptiness.

When we see the positive side of things, even everything is far from perfect; the wind starts whispering, birds singing, the river otters wiggling, sun dancing in your eyes. Life becomes pure beauty, not perfect but perfect.

Always believe in yourself! Feel good every day by being yourself. Let hard things and dark challenges teach you to be a complete human. No matter what, motivate yourself by creating and rekindling relationships of love.

6. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS with a friend

We, humans, are social beings needed of social context. So, find ways to connect with people for your and their delight. You can show genuine interest and empathy during conversations. Focusing on another person - what does he say, why does it mean that, you can try to understand their life situation and how can you contribute to it. When you give people your time, support and affection, they usually respond surprisingly positive and grateful. Our feeling of well-being increase through close interactions with positive people and a sense of belonging to the group we care for.

7. Find an INSPIRING environment

You become like those with whom you share your work or life. Be careful if you find yourself in the wrong place surrounded by the wrong people. You have much higher chances to thrive in an environment that matches your values and life goals.

It is hard eating healthy when people around you don't care about diet. It is hard doing virtuous work when your colleagues care only about money. It is hard to be unique when culture praises the average mainstream. It is impossible to talk about life change and work you love when your listeners are hungry for the next celebrity gossip or binge fix.

You have to find the environment (physical and virtual) where people positively influence your choices, inspire your creativity, and care about you.

8. Set your PERFECT GOAL

Wanting everything now is definitely not feasible. But, not having goals at all is also not good for our progress. When moving somewhere, we need a goal, even if the beauty and meaning are in the journey itself. But the goal is the direction and vision we try to reach; it is precious to our growth. When we set a perfect goal, it is not the goal itself; it is the purpose it holds and the plan it requires that set it apart. We will likely change our target as we gather new experiences and insights about ourselves as we move. With a new perfect goal, our mission will become more focused, and we will be able to love our journey even more.

9. Move every day A LITTLE CLOSER to it

Focus time and energy every day to make your dream more alive. Learn from different forces inside of you - use the power of sadness to create the next wave of happiness. Don't try to rush in front of you. Imperfect life is much more inspiring - mountains are for climbing, rivers for exploring.

10. Cherish your PRECIOUS LIFE

Keep your freedom to live an authentic caring life that celebrates and protects all life on Earth. Satisfy your real needs with experiences of aliveness, connectedness, and freedom. Be with people who inspire you and who you inspire. Try to understand yourself with your role in the wonder of life. Don't sell or waste your life. It is your precious gift.


Which of these choices can you make today to love yourself more?

Pick one and write about it from your perspective. Look how you can give and receive love. Focus on that goal throughout the day.

Use LIGHT for your creative journaling to get a clear picture of your desired life.

Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Love Yourself

If you want to speed up this self-discovery process by increasing your clarity, motivation and focus, there is the Art Of Green Path LIGHT.

The LIGHT is a unique 12-step system, interactive journaling tool and your creative guide for designing your desired life. Use it to understand yourself better.

How To Feel Good About Yourself

Why is pleasure not happiness? People want to feel good, but those who choose passive pleasure chase their tail all the time, opposite to those who create life purpose and open new dimensions of life.

In a healthy, sustainable way, we can feel our happiness through healthy relationships (with people and nature), through meaningful creative work and contribution to something bigger than us. We focus on something that matters in the long term.

It is opposite to temporary pleasures where we overdose our brain with chemical signals triggered by outside stimulants (like food, sex, shopping, social media, alcohol, drugs, gaming, entertainment, gambling). The only thing we want is more until we lose ourselves in the haze of addictive impulses. Pleasures are an integral part of life, but if we distract ourselves by repeating them too often and out of control - we are becoming addicted and escaping our reality. Hence, we feel invincible for a moment, and unbearable for a long time after, as we all know the tempting spikes of pleasure and the long bottom of misery.

Are you ready to replace empty pleasures with real challenges? Are you ready for self-discovery?

How Do You Feel?

How Do You Want To Feel?

Depressed and Manipulated OR Happy and Authentic?

Sick and Ignorant OR Healthy and Inspired?

Destructive and Selfish OR Creative and Generous?

Trapped and Disconnected OR Free and Connected?

Art Of Green Path Light Helps You To Feel Happy Healthy Creative And Free

In our age of distractions and shallow values, many people are lost and hungry for resonating answers to essential life questions: How to be confident? How to love yourself? How to be happy? How to find your own purpose? For sure, there is nothing more valuable than to know yourself.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT leads people on a journey of self discovery that involves inspirational questions, authentic motivation and a curious focus on their path to be happy and find themselves again.

Inspirational Questions

Too often we blindly follow the herd. Learn how to ask and answer smart questions that make you unique and confident.

Authentic Motivation

The system around us doesn't help us to find what is good for us. Learn how to find yourself through your genuine motivation.

Curious Focus

Our lives are full of distraction and procrastination. Learn how to be yourself by actively searching for your clarity.

Below you will find my related insights to help you find right questions, develop right motivation and achieve right focus. 

How do you want to feel?

What do you need for happiness?

Who do you want to be?

How to find your purpose?

Answers to these essential questions are making our life enthusiastic and extraordinary, or passive and painful. Many are depressed by modern mainstream traps and omnipresent fears. Being lost, not able to exit the maze. So they stay stuck in a fog of denial and unhappiness.

Instead, to feel lost and miserable, you can
choose to feel curious and joyful. Only by having a clear vision of your happy future can you start changes that make such a future possible. Understanding yourself and eventually finding yourself leads you to your meaningful challenges. Get to know yourself as you unlock your life happiness.

Finding purpose in life is a transformative journey for all unhappy souls.

Inspiration and Guidance.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Path Of Awareness

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Awareness - Discover Your Authentic Happiness

Path Of Awareness is the first path in the Art Of Green Path. It is the interactive 7-module flow of insights and exercises to inspire your superpowers to connect with yourself, understand what you want, and discover your authentic life purpose.

To prepare you for that journey, I have the right challenge that will provoke your self improvement and trigger your sense of purpose - Art Of Green Path LIGHT.

Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Love Yourself
Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Be Happy
Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Be Confident
Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Find Yourself

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If you want to love yourself and use your unrealized life potential, now you have special opportunity to buy your personal transformative program Art Of Green Path LIGHT

You will also receive a free ebook 'LIGHT - 12 Steps To Change Your Life' to help you decipher your desired life.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

  • a unique 12-step system for your career and life change
  • your interactive creative diary to inspire your extraordinary life
  • a set of motivational guides and challenges to get you into action

Get To Know Yourself Through The Art Of Green Path

I believe that LIGHT can help you understand your unrealised life potential. Feel that NOW is the right moment to dive deeper into your self-understanding and start growing your new life. LIGHT is designed to help you build your creative momentum of change, clear and write your best thoughts, and visualise your desired unconventional life, all in 12 interactive Steps. LIGHT is your personalised tool for active self-development. Learn more here.