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Art Of Green Path guides you to be more confident and find yourself.

Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Be Confident

10 Essential Tips On How To Be Confident

1. Understand YOUR NEEDS

2. DARE to love yourself

3. Move Barriers WITHIN YOU

4. Practice SELF-ESTEEM

5. Explore OUT of your comfort zone

6. Learn to be ADVENTUROUS

7. See all failures as GROWTH

8. DO NOT give up - TRY everything


10. Discover YOUR PATH

Life should be playful, beautiful, curious, unpredictable journey of authentic discoveries. If you let it be.

Destructive Lack Of Confidence 

Not feeling beauty within you leads to ignoring beauty around you. Instead of creative experiences and self-discoveries, you turn to blind consumerism and harmful escapes from reality. You are buying unhealthy, expensive and destructive illusions. Following the herd, you are feeding the wrong submissive system. Because of low confidence, you lose connection not only with yourself but with nature and people too. You feel disconnected and imbalanced.

Be Confident Through Your Unlimited Creativity

Remember, you are a worthy human being; whatever your life looks like, whatever other people think, you are special and unique. Building confidence starts when we choose to acknowledge who we are and who we can be - in our own eyes. It is like searching for windows when all doors disappear in the house you want to escape from. Building ladders or growing wings can be one solution. Maybe asking a bird or lizard for help or singing a magic song. Or... even better, choose to wake up into your different reality. Recognising your own strengths, building on previous experiences, and thinking out-of-the-box help tremendously in situations when nothing works for you.

Revitalise Your Authentic Colours

Being confident leads to a desire for understanding the world outside you. It grows endless possibilities for positive change. So to revitalise your authentic colours - love yourself, love nature, do what you love and sense life as love. Your life can be your meaningful, exciting, creative and generous adventure.

Why Art Of Green Path

Art Of Green Path empowers positive life transformations through a curated journey of better life choices. Hence, it gives you a personal perspective to discover your path of understanding.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

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Learn How To Be Confident

Art Of Green Path LIGHT Guides You There Through These 12 Steps

Learn How To Love Yourself And How To Be Happy

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Feeling confident is a critical step on your path to understanding yourself.

Your 10 Choices To Be Confident

Life Is Boundless Creative Adventure If We Dare To Be

Self confidence is a dynamic process of growth, requiring determination, with trials and errors, ups and downs - as any meaningful endeavour and creative pursuit. Art Of Green Path LIGHT is your journey full of personal discoveries.

1. Understand YOUR NEEDS

What you need can be different from what you want, especially what other people trying to convince you. Your fundamental needs can be tangible, but you can't touch them, hold them, or buy them. Yet, they are the essence of you feeling alive. Your desired feelings, your unrealized dreams, your future adventures, future love, your moments of connection with yourself, with people you love, with quests you care for - these are the needs you want to write your life story with.

2. DARE to love yourself

To love others or anything else, you have to love yourself first. Your body, mind, heart and soul are the core of your existence. So cherish them well before you spread your arms to hug other beings. Practising self-confidence, suppressing fear in small feasible steps, seeing opportunities in your personal space before you become ready to discover the world beauty. For sure, love has no boundaries, and life is about loving outside yourself, being selfless, embracing the unknown, helping those in need, or protecting everything you love. Only love matters. But, unfortunately, love and hate and lack of love make the world crazy as it is.

3. Move Barriers WITHIN YOU

We are not born confident, but everybody can learn it. Through conscious choices, we can extend our borders where we feel good. It starts from our core values and life goals, but it becomes more alive through interaction with friendly, inspiring people who encourage our progress. Stepping out of our comfort zone, being in new situations, making new creations - dissolve our inner walls faster, we become light to fly above our invisible borders. Outgrowing ourselves into the life of freedom. Being confident doesn't come because of the external environment or favourable situation - it shines through our inner strengths.

4. Practice SELF-ESTEEM

Self-esteem is your oxygen, the fire of life needs it to be alive.Without it, you are frozen, pushed aside or forgotten. No one can give you confidence, the only way is to build it slowly and persistently, starting small but going big. Here are some examples which you can use.

Taste the confidence - you can invite people to a special dinner, where all make food together without a recipe by combining all opinions and different food tastes. And see where the conversation goes and how unpredictable and delicious the experience will be.

Extend your confidence - instead of talking only in your safe group, you can join a new environment (like a debate club, hiking group, cooking course, sports challenge) and see how you present yourself to new people and develop conversations around entirely new topics.

Create with confidence - instead of only consuming online content, you can create your writing (or visual) piece that matters, share it with the unknown audience, see mixed comments, and practise your responses.

Unlimited self-confidence - when you aim for a more meaningful job, you can stretch your ambition into unknown territory by preparing and creating an outstanding offer and applying for a job you could really love. Maybe your dream job waits where you never dare to go.

5. Explore OUT of your comfort zone

Real growth happens when we leave everyday routines and extra safe environments to try something new. When we dare to pursue a dream, test our strengths, or live without usual comfort. Stepping outside of your comfort zone, not too far but scary enough to make you act differently than you are used to. Then new passionate conversations, active participation and vivid creations start to happen, extending and changing your previous borders.

6. Learn to be ADVENTUROUS

For those fed by conventional living governed by stress, overconsumption, debt and anxiety, alternatives become attractive, almost revolutionary. Alternative working options like creative freelancing, online business, digital nomad movement, content creation and digital marketing - offer a glimpse of hope for people looking for more life. Alternative lifestyle options like away from cities, closer to nature, sustainable communities, healthy food production, renewable energy, minimalism, long travelling - show us already how different life is possible. These non-mainstream options require an adventurous spirit similar to that of the first explorers of unknown lands and unreachable peaks.

7. See all failures as GROWTH

Life is the process of growth where failures and mistakes are life's integral parts. One way to overcome the fear of failure is repeating a cycle of failing and learning and adapting. Another way is to replace the trap of passive negative impact with understanding and acting for good. Unfortunately, many people get stuck because of a lack of motivation. An excellent strategy to increase motivation is creating some improvements every day in line with personal goals.

From my experience, writing a journal can be transformative and motivating. Such journal shall cover your daily and life choices, so you can follow your progress and be inspired with every new idea of improvement. Moreover, having a vision of your desired future (and everything that will become possible for you) can help you and guide you in times of darkness. Develop a strategy for different types of crisis by extending needed knowledge, developing your survival skills and designing your action plan. And you will certainly increase your confidence to go into daring changes previously impossible.

8. DO NOT give up - TRY everything

Mountain you climb is steep, but the view is beautiful. Challenges to overcome do not come to get you but make you stronger. Sure, there are plenty of opportunities to give up on your dreams, many false signs to turn you away, powerful interests to keep you in the dark. Less confident you are - less power you have over your life. Masters and servants, birds in a golden cage - an eternal game. But you can be different - through developing confidence in being the master of your life, not just an enslaved number. This world has too many puppets, not enough warriors of light.


It may be a new working or living environment with new challenges. Research before you go somewhere or permanently stop something. Maybe you, like me, can be determined to get a year off from your current job but keep the opportunity to get back to the old life. Although you, like me, can outgrow this and change work and life altogether.

10. Discover YOUR PATH

Only you know yourself. Nobody can tell you what is best for you, let alone guide you by hand all the time. Some can inspire you, motivate you, show you possibilities and traps, warn you and encourage you - but up to you is to move, jump, climb, search, research, fail and rise again - as you are discovering your own path of life.


Which of these choices can you make today to feel more confident?

Pick one and write about it from your perspective. Look how you can increase confidence. Focus on that goal throughout your day.

Use LIGHT for your creative journaling to get a clear picture of your desired life.

Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Be Confident

If you want to speed up this self-discovery process by increasing your clarity, motivation and focus, there is the Art Of Green Path LIGHT.

The LIGHT is a unique 12-step system, interactive journaling tool and your creative guide for designing your desired life. Use it to understand yourself better.

Which Weaknesses Shall You Turn Into Strengths?

Why do we mostly copy behaviours around us? It is not a matter of survival anymore, there is plenty of food, knowledge and resources around us, but we still live in fear.

Why do we blindly listen to some greedy, manipulative people and don't experiment with something that matters to us? We stop exploring our own strengths and using ingenuity and creativity as a solution.

Why do we, as social animals, struggle to help each other and thrive together? Humans are becoming more selfish, shallow and ignorant, having difficulty recognizing the greater good.

Why do we feel lost, alone and in the group, depressed and anxious, lacking the motivation to improve ourselves? We are obsessed with consumption from childhood to old age instead of building self-confidence and genuine human connections.

Where has your creativity gone?

How has your curiosity for life disappeared?

How can you grow your confidence in yourself?

Why do we reject feeling alive together?

How can we choose a healthy future?

Do we believe society is intelligent and know where it is going? Are we aware of how marketing and political delusions work on people? The system doesn't want personal growth and many creative, critical thinking but connected individuals. Inequality is all around us, drowning in us against them mentality. So many submissive people wear masks given to them, our weaknesses are brutally exploited, it's all smoke and mirrors, the system protects itself at all costs. It is a dangerous illusion to follow the blind.

Why are we not free in the modern world? We are hungry to follow obvious, comfortable, and easy choices to our detriment. These wrong choices are everywhere, but they are neither good for us nor the planet.

Do we see how our choices are deceptive, mediocre and destructive for us and our future? They are disguised in our conforming lives when we crave short term rewards at the cost of our long term happiness and well-being.

Why do we choose temporary pleasures and endless miseries? We don't believe that fear and obedience are helping us, but we prefer them repeatedly through the stuff we buy, wrong jobs we can't change and lack of purpose in life.

Who is attacking us if there is no sable tiger anymore? Who wants that we are just our shadows? Think how you can be different, be yourself and be more connected to people and nature.

Recognize yourself and your weaknesses in all these reasons and choices.

Which of them do you consciously choose, and which do you accept as 'normal'?

What can you change to turn these weaknesses into your strengths? 

How can you feel more confident?

How Do You Feel?
How Do You Want To Feel?

Depressed and Manipulated OR Happy and Authentic?

Sick and Ignorant OR Healthy and Inspired?

Destructive and Selfish OR Creative and Generous?

Trapped and Disconnected OR Free and Connected?

Art Of Green Path Light Helps You To Feel Happy Healthy Creative And Free

In our age of distractions and shallow values, many people are lost and hungry for resonating answers to essential life questions: How to love yourself? How to be confident? How to be happy? How to find your own purpose? For sure, there is nothing more valuable than to know yourself.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT leads people on a journey of self discovery that involves inspirational questions, authentic motivation and a curious focus on their path to be happy and find themselves again.

Inspirational Questions

Too often we blindly follow the herd. Learn how to ask and answer smart questions that make you unique and confident.

Authentic Motivation

The system around us doesn't help us to find what is good for us. Learn how to find yourself through your genuine motivation.

Curious Focus

Our lives are full of distraction and procrastination. Learn how to be yourself by actively searching for your clarity.

Below you will find my related insights to help you find right questions, develop right motivation and achieve right focus. 

How do you want to feel?

What do you need for happiness?

Who do you want to be?

How to find your purpose?

Answers to these essential questions are making our life enthusiastic and extraordinary, or passive and painful. Many are depressed by modern mainstream traps and omnipresent fears. Being lost, not able to exit the maze. So they stay stuck in a fog of denial and unhappiness.

Instead, to feel lost and miserable, you can choose to feel curious and joyful. Only by having a clear vision of your happy future can you start changes that make such a future possible. Understanding yourself and
eventually finding yourself leads you to your meaningful challenges. Get to know yourself as you unlock your life happiness.

Finding purpose in life is a transformative journey for all unhappy souls.

Inspiration and Guidance.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Path Of Awareness

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Awareness - Discover Your Authentic Happiness

Path Of Awareness is the first path in the Art Of Green Path. It is the interactive 7-module flow of insights and exercises to inspire your superpowers to connect with yourself, understand what you want, and discover your authentic life purpose.

To prepare you for that journey, I have the right challenge that will provoke your self improvement and trigger your sense of purpose - Art Of Green Path LIGHT.

Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Love Yourself
Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Be Happy
Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Be Confident
Art Of Green Path - Know Yourself - How To Find Yourself

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If you want to feel confident and use your unrealized life potential, now you have special opportunity to buy your personal transformative program Art Of Green Path LIGHT

You will also receive a free ebook 'LIGHT - 12 Steps To Change Your Life' to help you decipher your desired life.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

  • a unique 12-step system for your career and life change
  • your interactive creative diary to inspire your extraordinary life
  • a set of motivational guides and challenges to get you into action

Get To Know Yourself Through The Art Of Green Path

I believe that LIGHT can help you understand your unrealised life potential. Feel that NOW is the right moment to dive deeper into your self-understanding and start growing your new life. LIGHT is designed to help you build your creative momentum of change, clear and write your best thoughts, and visualise your desired unconventional life, all in 12 interactive Steps. LIGHT is your personalised tool for active self-development. Learn more here.