My Story And The Art Of Green Path

Extraordinary life paths stay impossible until you dare to find them in yourself and make them alive. Art Of Green Path has been my life before I chose to create it as an interactive journey for all curious people who look for life change. It is designed as an inspiration and a guide so you can wake up and write your best ideas in a structured, connected way. The ultimate goal is to create the desired life and career you love. And make the impossible possible. See how you can do it!



During the years, I have become connected in many different ways. The primary connection has always been my oneness, my identity – where I can sense who I am and how I feel. A lot of curious reading gave me the knowledge to see the world as a whole and in detail. Practising thinking, writing, and journaling made my thoughts deeper and more questioning, with topics converging in unusual ways. Simultaneous interest in art and science, emotions and logic, ecology and technology merged in my unique curious personality with a boundless desire for nature and people. Take a quiz about your future!

Art Of Green Path - WHO AM I REALLY


My connection with people started in early childhood with playful, active, creative time with friends in the neighbourhood and school. It continued with hiking and dancing adventures during student time. Years in a corporate business environment taught me about people and processes. How I can solve many challenges by myself or in teams with others. I can innovate despite a rigid bland environment that doesn’t suit my open soul and desire for growth. The self-realization came that I have to do much more with my life than just fit in, earn bloody money, and spend it on something I don’t actually need. I wanted to find people who could benefit more from my gifts. Explore Your Self-Discovery Guide!


Travel As Inspiration

I learned the most about the world and myself on extensive adventurous trips through creative photography and blogging. Through encounters with different kinds of people, I remember those with sparks in their eyes and passion in their hearts. I am always looking for meaningful interactions with people and contributing to our shared personal growth. And I love the natural world, in all its aliveness, mystery, and majesty. Explore Your Life Motivation Guide!


Connections With Nature

As I remember, I have connected to nature in many strange ways. From an interest in plants, soil, water, and animals as a kid, over explorations of mountains, jungles, deserts, and other remote corners of the world as a young adult, until the desire for sustainable living in a house built with my hands somewhere deep in wild nature.

My body and my spirit like to move, through walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, dancing, by touching moments of eternity and simplicity, of unpredictable joy and wonder. Besides all world beauty, I never have enough of open views, wilderness adventures, juicy apricots, steep climbs, and psychological challenges. I love to go where I have never gone before. Explore Your Life Change Guide!



Parenthood is a big challenge if you want to make it right. Engaging with the closest human being, recognizing your own genes, modifying your tactless reactions – move you in and out of the balance on your steep curve of growth. Then, when you both start to walk, you move simultaneously toward each other, growing through unconditional love and endless discoveries. Take Your Path Of Awareness!

Art Of Green Path - CREATEArt Of Green Path LIGHT

Curious To Rethink And Reimagine Your Life?

Reflections Of Love

Recapturing precious confidence in the world beyond tears and discoveries after fears, you inspire your partner’s confident path toward a self-conscious curious explorer of life. To dance differently than others, but with others. Sometimes laughing too much, that body hurts. Playing with so many imaginary but real names in so many places of wonders reflected in green-blue-brown eyes of love. Take Your Path Of Exploration!

Art Of Green Path - LOVE FIRST


Learning is crucial. Anyway, forging your own path is very often the best way to go.

Sometimes I feel I didn’t gain enough from those years at the wrong university, so I don’t care much about my electrical engineering and computing diploma. Don’t repeat my mistakes – choose what you love. At that time, I was not confident or focused enough to decide what could be better – I didn’t know or feel my life goals. Though I must say, I learned a lot about logical and complex scientific and mathematical thinking, and I got the first tech job in a global ICT company quickly. So it was somehow worth the effort.

When I realized how to learn from mistakes – and change or start all over – I have become free to do whatever I want.

Never stop learning and curiously experiencing your life. Your own way. Take Your Path Of Exploration!



Being bored, I changed my engineering job for a completely new management job, becoming responsible for digital innovations and marketing. I have learned a lot about project leadership, business strategy, money, creative environment, visual communications, psychology, people’s behaviours, and customer needs. Through the design and development of digital services and portals, I shaped user experience and company revenue. At the same time, I was riding future trends and drowning in the corporate culture.

I always waited to escape into the wild on long and short holidays. It was never enough. Being in the office, I felt lifeless – like living someone else’s life.

During all that feeling like a bird in the cage, I was actively searching for better life choices. Day by day, I was getting more powerful and more self-confident. Take Your Path Of Invention!


Break Free

I didn’t want to stay just for money and security when passion disappeared. I felt I would completely lose myself if I waited for too long. There was no point in developing something as trivial as digital entertainment when I could build something on my own, something people really need.

Those interdisciplinary perspectives in leading and creative roles have grown my unique powers and determination to envision my real adventures. Yet, paradoxically, working in a corporation hindered and accelerated my personal growth.

Despite ubiquitous boundaries, I ripped apart my golden chains and pushed myself to feel where my true self is and how I can be authentic and be free. Eventually, I quit my wrong jobs forever. Then, with the desire to reject widespread distractions and addictions, I stepped further beyond all false realities into the world of natural wonders. Explore Your Career Discovery Guide!


Adventurous Vision

My vision has always been to create something meaningful and inspire people to become who they are. At the same time, I wanted to keep my freedom and develop a positive impact. With the ambition to connect poles that rarely meet, I have learned on one side from visionary people who use humanity and technology for positive innovations and on the other from nature and its resilience cycles.

To feel my place in it, I have been exploring the world. Never ever planning to stop doing it in many different forms and revelations. Being a process of making something extraordinary that only I can give, becoming my true nature. Be – the one – with life. Reflecting on my life outside as an adventure that transforms people. Take Your Path Of Exploration!

Art Of Green Path - ENJOY THE MOMENTArt Of Green Path - Four Paths

Motivated To Create The Life You Love?

Creative Process

Life as transformation is the essence of our childhood, over our creations until our legacy. It is a worthy challenge to make that process healthy, not just for us but also for others and the planet. When I am transforming my vision into reality, I experiment with artistic expression and scientific understandings, searching for new exciting connections.

As you should, I am looking for inspiring environments and daring quests. My intrinsic motivation is to create visual and written content that engages people to become better. Its primary goal is to give people the power to make healthy visionary lives. So the real challenge is to recognize people’s needs and design specific and integral solutions for them. Riding waves and climbing mountains, I focus on the creative process through transformation. Take Your Path Of Invention!



Being crazy about art, from visual to written, philosophical to activistic, I always had an insatiable urge to create something extraordinary. To express me in colours, words, emotions, play, dance, provocations, messages, interactions. However, as I grew, I discovered two personal postulates: 1. art should be actively changing persons, 2. art can not be separable from life. In other words, art is a change needed, and art is an alternative lifestyle.

I have created the Art Of Green Path ecosystem and movement, not out of the blue. My art includes the whole concept, brand, paths, visionary goals, art and science interplay, visual design, business strategy, content marketing strategy, integration of different digital platforms, and the transformational process. Moreover, I create content, visualizations, photography, writing, guides, exercises, interactions, with particular reason – to inspire people to move from where they are to where they want to be. At the same time, creating a bigger picture of the world being more sustainable and more playful. Take Your Path Of Fulfillment!



Obviously, as you can see, I love challenges of deeper meaning, involving adventurous and unconventional skills, with steep learning curves and steep climbing. So when I have made the decision to create the Art Of Green Path, I knew it would be challenging, but I also knew that I would succeed if I merged all that I experienced before. It was my biggest imaginable challenge. And here I am. Stronger than ever.

I design personal journeys, tribe engagement, and various communications on my artistic playground. Building a direct, sincere relationship with good people, I only want to use ethical marketing and positive interactions that elevate people and give them what they really need. I have integrated various digital tools and services, websites, social networks, email marketing, analytics, testing, and improving to make it possible. I use methods like design thinking, creative and critical thinking, resilience thinking, positive psychology, Hero’s journey, and many others to develop innovative solutions. Everything grows around positive transdisciplinary impact and innovative sustainability.

In my wild vision, the Art Of Green Path is an extraordinary tree that integrates happiness, nature, creation, impact into the mosaic of opportunities and transformative life changes for all curious people. Take Your Path Of Invention!



Through my daring creation, I have opened my freedom to live and work anywhere in the world. Use my time and energy how I want, helping people, enjoying nature, living my own way. One of my life branches is to find the country and the place with rich natural beauty and a life full of joy. To experience an alternative healthy lifestyle. Such a choice connects sustainable houses, organic gardens, arts and crafts with a healthy community of inspiring people. Oh, I wish that.

Another branch of life can be adventurous world travel by bike and tent. Slow, experimental, minimalist, hugged and challenged by nature, made by humans.

My long term vision is to be the artist+entrepreneur who connects surprising discoveries and evolutionary solutions that improve people’s lives by simultaneously protecting the living environment we all depend on. Take Your Path Of Awareness!



My passion for nature is dancing with my care for people. I have the power to choose my positive impact. By merging my artistic and entrepreneurial skills, I evolve my visual and creative mastery. I develop original ideas into innovative and valuable experiences by sensing wise people, reading, watching, and processing their creations. Having a creative visionary community in mind, I make authentic connections that inspire love and passion in people. Take a quiz about your future!


Artist Of Life

Through the Art Of Green Path, I wake up people and empower them to create their meaningful visionary work and design their fulfilled visionary life. I inspire my child with my own life, trying to make a better world through everything I do. I reinvent myself as I grow. On my extraordinary journey, I choose to be positive and have fun – on my path of becoming the Artist Of Life.

I invite you, my dear explorer, on that journey!

Roman KosART OF GREEN PATHfounder and creator 

Inspiration and Guidance.

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