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How To Reinvent Yourself

Your Life Change Guide

Art Of Green Path guides you to create your vision and change your life for the better.

How To Reinvent Yourself - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself

1. Choose To BE GOOD



4. Consume LESS – Create MORE

5. Inspire GREATNESS In People


7. IMPROVE the World Around You


9. Create A BETTER LIFE For Everyone

10. REDISCOVER Yourself Again

Find out more about the Ways and Your Challenge below!

Life should be playful, beautiful, curious, unpredictable journey of authentic discoveries. If you let it be.

[tqb_quiz id=’1340′]Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

Your Life Change Guide – Art Of Green Path

How to Reinvent Yourself: Make positive changes in your life and discover your true potential with our expert guidance and creative tools for self-improvement. Learn how to set and achieve your goals, practice responsibility and positive impact, and create a plan for personal growth and fulfillment. Take control of your life and start achieving your aspirations today!

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Reinvent Yourself By Choosing Your Life Path

Not many people dare to follow their path. Easy, obvious, and comfortable choices give us false security that a typical way is right. But it is not, definitely not for so many people. Nobody knows you better than you. You know when life feels right for you or not. Always remember that your unhappiness hurts not just you but many around you.

Reinvent Yourself Through Creation

The lowest common denominators govern our society, not creativity or vision. The paradox of democracy is when it listens to many who don’t have a clue to benefit a hidden few who know a lot. Luckily creativity is free, and creation is still possible for all who care about better choices. Art and science become rich tools for curious people willing to be different.

Reinvent Yourself To Start Now And Dream Big

Living a fulfilled life means changing it according to our dreams and goals. We expand our worldview and generosity as we grow – striving for unique peaks and unexplored horizons. Human nature is subjective and different for each of us. Some want more purpose and adventure; others want to change the world or protect the biosphere. The sky’s the limit! If you want an extraordinary life, you have to become an extraordinary human. Art Of Green Path guides you to live your best life.

Why Art Of Green Path

Art Of Green Path empowers positive life transformations through a curated journey of better life choices. Hence, it gives you a personal perspective to discover your path of creation. Learn about Your Path Of Fulfillment!

Groups Of Personalised and Flexible Services We Are Offering

a comprehensive range of services aimed at fostering sustainable and impactful growth in the digital age

Unlock a world of transformative possibilities with Art Of Green Path’s diverse range of Consulting and Coaching Services. Whether it’s nurturing impactful ideas, leveraging Generative AI for innovation, or navigating through a career reinvention, our expertly tailored services are your companions in this visionary journey. Ready to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary? Engage with us, and together let’s craft a future aligned with purpose, sustainability, and meaningful impact.

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Where ideas take shape and strategies align for meaningful change.

Strategic Business Development

Crafting strategies that drive growth and impact.

Generative AI for Business

Leveraging AI’s potential for innovative solutions.

AI-Powered Digital Marketing

Harnessing the power of AI for effective digital marketing.

Career Reinvention & Coaching

Navigating career transitions with confidence.

Sustainability and Impact Transformation

Transforming sustainability into a competitive advantage.

Impact Leadership

Lead into a visionary, purposeful and regenerative AI future.

Custom Transformations

Transform your life or business and impact the world.

Each service group includes highly personalized consulting, coaching, 1:1 sessions, workshops, brainstorming sessions, strategizing and evaluations to ensure alignment with your specific needs, goals, time and budget.

There are eight groups of services, focused on solutions relevant to transformative change. Each group offers Focus Services (from 1 hour to few weeks) for shorter engagements and Core Services (from several weeks to several months) for longer immersions. They can all be customized to suit your individual or business needs. 

It is probably useful to say that I perform all these services personally, from my broad business and entrepreneurial experience, reflected between unique life and career transformations.

It helps that I also created the entire Art Of Green Path concept, ecosystem and Four Paths program.

Curious to hear how I can help you! Roman 

Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

Your Life Change Guide – Art Of Green Path

Embrace Change and Transform Your Life: The Journey of Reinvention

Reinventing yourself is a process of transformation, shedding old habits and patterns, and embracing new ways of being and doing. It’s a journey that requires courage, determination, and a willingness to take risks and try new things.

One way to reinvent yourself is to identify the things holding you back. What are the habits, beliefs, and behaviors that are limiting your potential and keeping you stuck? By identifying these obstacles, you can take steps to overcome them and move forward on your journey of transformation.

Another way to reinvent yourself is to explore new possibilities and try new things. By exposing yourself to new experiences, different perspectives, and to new challenges, you can learn, grow, and evolve. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and embrace new opportunities, even if they are scary or uncertain.

Finally, it’s essential to surround yourself with supportive and positive people. Our social networks can profoundly impact our ability to reinvent ourselves. By surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us and encourage us to pursue our goals, we can feel more confident and motivated to take the steps necessary to transform ourselves.

The Art Of Green Path is designed to help you reinvent yourself; it gives you a journey of transformation that requires courage, determination, and a willingness to try new things. By identifying and overcoming obstacles, exploring new possibilities, and surrounding yourself with supportive people, you can reinvent yourself and become the person you want to be.

LIGHT is designed for those more determined to make change happen and who need a guided journey focused on their own situation. The goal is to create your life and work purposes, get more clarity about doubts, needs and values, learn how to overcome challenges and obstacles and make a written plan for everything you dream of on your path toward a happy, fulfilled, unconventional life.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Learn How To Reinvent Yourself

Art Of Green Path LIGHT Guides You There Through These 12 Steps

LIGHT by Art Of Green Path

If you want a life change – now you have a chance to try Art Of Green Path LIGHT –  a 12-step interactive challenge that can change your life forever! Bonus: a free ebook!

Are you curious to explore how you can reinvent yourself? 

How To Reinvent Yourself - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

Why Is Mainstream Life Wrong

It is difficult to say what is wrong with mainstream life, as this can vary depending on individual perspectives and experiences. However, some people may argue that certain aspects of mainstream life are problematic or undesirable.

For example, some people may criticize the focus on consumerism and material possessions in mainstream culture, arguing that it encourages people to value material wealth over more important things, such as relationships, personal growth, and the natural environment.

Additionally, some people may criticize the emphasis on individual achievement and success in mainstream culture, arguing that it can create a competitive and stressful environment and lead to feelings of inadequacy or failure among those who do not meet specific standards or expectations.

Nowadays, it is becoming clear that consumeristic life fueled by a debt economy is destructive for natural ecosystems and biodiversity and is not sustainable and fair.

While mainstream life has many positive aspects, there are also aspects that more and more people find problematic or undesirable. Therefore, it should be redesigned by considering all the negative impacts such wasteful, unsustainable selfish life has on people and nature worldwide. 

Transform Your Career with Generative AI! Why settle for what everybody is doing when you can revolutionize your career reinvention? Our Generative AI for Business program empowers you to innovate like never before, unlocking your creativity and uniqueness when you envision, plan and develop your future career.

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What Is Unconventional Life

Unconventional life refers to a way of living that deviates from the norms and expectations of mainstream society. This can involve choosing a lifestyle outside the mainstream, such as living in a remote location, practicing a non-traditional religion, or pursuing an unconventional career.

Unconventional life is often associated with specific values, such as a focus on personal growth and fulfillment, a commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation, and a rejection of materialism and consumer culture. These values may differ from mainstream society’s values and can be seen as alternative or counter-cultural.

Such life is often more creative, daring and adventurous than the standard, predictable, boring and safe life. It requires a lot of confidence, ingenuity and resourcefulness, as it doesn’t follow the model of a ‘debt-traped’ ‘copy-paste’ ‘work 9-5’ and ‘consumption-oriented’ society. 

Learn about Your Path Of Fulfillment!

Overall, unconventional life questions and challenges non-functioning norms, unsustainability and disconnection of mainstream society and that is often associated with alternative or counter-cultural values. It is a life of creation and co-creation in harmony with people and nature.

We Need A Different Economy If We Want Real Progress

What would a sustainable, universally beneficial economy look like? “Like a doughnut,” says Oxford economist Kate Raworth. In a stellar, eye-opening TED talk, she explains how we can move countries out of the hole — where people are falling short on life’s essentials — and create regenerative, distributive economies that work within the planet’s ecological limits.

Kate Raworth is a renegade economist focused on making economics fit for 21st century realities. She is the creator of the Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries, and co-founder of Doughnut Economics Action Lab.

“I’ve always thought there was something drastically wrong with the idea that an economy must get bigger and bigger in order to be sustainable. It gives me a mental picture of a huge maw, consuming everything in its path. How wonderful to find someone who articulates so well what a sustainable, thriving economy would look like, and how wonderful to see from the comments that there are many, many out there who agree.”

This is one of many comments from people who recognize absurdity of the capitalistic economic system and the inequality and destruction it causes.

Examples Of Unconventional Life

There are many ways to create an unconventional life. Some examples:

Choosing an unconventional career: One way to create an unconventional life is to choose a non-traditional job. This can involve pursuing a career outside the mainstream, such as starting your own business, working in the arts or media, or working in a field that is not typically associated with high salaries or status.

Living in a non-traditional location: Another way to create an unconventional life is to live in a non-traditional place. This can involve moving to a remote or rural area, living in a different country, or choosing a location that is not typically associated with a high standard of living.

Practicing a non-traditional lifestyle: A third way to create an unconventional life is to practice a non-traditional lifestyle. This can involve adopting alternative practices, such as minimalism, permaculture, organic farming, or sustainable living. Or it may be choosing a way of life outside the mainstream, such as living as a digital nomad or joining an ecovillage community.

Living without debt: A fourth way is about not being dependent on money and enormous loans for luxury things we don’t need. It is about choosing freedom, creation, simplicity, and collaboration rather than participating in a rat race full of stress, fear and overconsumption.

Remote work: Critically important aspect of well-being is the choice of work as we spend 80000 hours on it. Not being bound by location, daily commute, or stressful city life can open many new possibilities and give a new sense of freedom, joy and purpose. This can involve freelance work, eco-social entrepreneurship, digital nomad lifestyle, or digital remote jobs for advanced companies.

Or it can be a combination of any or all options of living on your own terms – an alternative career, remote place, alternative community, free from debt, remote work. Everything depends on your creativity, green skills, resilience and boldness to try something different, meaningful and sustainable.

Learn about Your Path Of Fulfillment!

Overall, there are many ways to create an unconventional life, and the specific steps you take will depend on your interests, values, and goals. It is a life path for people who believe that explorations outside the norm can open a happier, healthier, meaningful, rich life.

Reinventing Yourself Leads You To Your Desired Life

Having clear vision is a crucial step on your path toward life you love.

10 Creative Ways To Reinvent Yourself

Creative Discovery For Positive Contribution

Rediscovering life is a dynamic process of growth, requiring determination, with trials and errors, ups and downs – as any meaningful endeavour and creative pursuit. Art Of Green Path LIGHT is your journey full of discoveries.

CHALLENGE: How To Reinvent Yourself

Please read the following Ways and think about your life. Then, recognize those insights where you feel disconnected from yourself, those life situations where you would like to change your creative output or life direction and consciously choose something meaningful, worthy and exciting, or simply different and new. So start taking extraordinary steps to be able to move your world.

1. Choose To BE GOOD

Being good or being well means feeling strong, healthy, inspired, motivated, adventurous – qualities that many people lack in our age of rushing and losing ourselves. Being good also means giving goodness to others, listening to them, spending time together, respecting them, or caring for them. Each can choose to be good or bad or somewhere in between. Sometimes it is a conscious choice, but often it is an automatic consequence of lack of choice – then our life depends on chance. Systems around us are made to exploit our impulsive, ignorant destructive decisions, often to make a lot of profit or gain new power, so if you want to be good, you have to have conscious choices about almost everything.

Learn to understand what is good, what is wrong and how to take actions that reflect your life values.


Each life is unique, unrepeatable, precious – holding the seed of creation. Living life can be like art – a passionate, layering, connecting process to create something expressive for someone curious. Primarily art is creation, but art is also an impact. It disrupts old, changes wrong, or inspires new insights or behaviors.

Art should be transformative, not only decorative or performing. Life should also be transformative, moving, enriching reality driven by our desired feelings and original purpose. Life should not just be a pale copy or imitation of others to retain described virtues of art. It should come from within each person and embrace all others through meaningful interactions.

The infinite spectrum of our creative, bold and responsible choices makes life art.


Going through different phases of life, we are shifting priorities between ourselves, our education, our job, our children, our parents, back to us, again to other people, to causes we care for. There are a lot of changes going on, inside and outside us; some pass unnoticed, others with fireworks of emotions. Everything starts with us, our strengths and our weaknesses. Therefore each should make regular reflections on their own life, comparing dreams and reality, goals and achievements, to understand will ‘present you’ lead you to ‘future you’. And understand how ‘past you’ can teach you something valuable. Because if we lose ourselves for too long, it is tough to connect again.

Your big picture of life is hugely important in the process of rediscovering yourself.

4. Consume LESS – Create MORE

Do we need all this stuff? First, buying more will certainly not make us happy. Second, do we want to destroy the whole of nature? How long can Earth suffer because of the human destruction of its resources? And third, do we need more debt or more freedom? More addiction or more creation? Consumerist society encourages irresponsible, unsustainable consumption because it drives numbers and profits, not for people’s well-being and goodness. The goal is to all become slaves of their unsustainable habits to spend more money they don’t have by going straight into an abyss of debt. When people become less free and more anxious and fearful, it is easier to rule them.

Are we slaves to the things we own? Do you need a debt grip around your neck?

5. Inspire GREATNESS In People

Clever alternatives are to decrease consumption by using 4R methods of recycling: reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. When we rethink each purchase, we are inspired to find creative solutions, develop new healthy habits, decrease our ecological footprint, and increase our well-being and feeling of purpose. We feel free and inspired by reducing our negative impact on natural resources. We give ourselves and Earth the ability to breathe without struggling with new plastic in oceans, new burned coal in the air, and lost animals in cut rainforests.

Our alternative work or life choices can become beacons for many others to follow.


We need nature much more than it needs us. It will survive long after our stupidity, selfishness, and ignorance make us disappear. Over the last 50 years, humans have been destroying nature at an unprecedented pace. Millions of cities, roads, toxic mining, oil drilling, industrial pollution, lifeless technology, harming agriculture, waste of energy and insatiable hunger for profit are coming back to us. Our western life is maybe comfortable but unhealthy and selfish. Life is miserable and unfair for nameless workers in world factories and fields.

Our obsession with virtual unreal entertainment removes us further from natural wonders. We have lost touch with everything that keeps us alive by eating caged animals, fighting against each other, spending life on jobs we hate, sharing shallow selfies, and taking drugs and opiates.

Spending more time in nature and understanding the ecosystems we depend on will reverse such negative trends by making better life choices.

Going into nature, respecting it and learning about all invisible interconnections will increase our awareness and our desire to do something to protect it.

7. IMPROVE the World Around You

Each of us is important. Each of us can make a difference. For example – riding a bicycle instead of driving a car, eating more vegetarian and locally grown food and less meat, using renewable energy, flying less, connecting with people, helping each other, protecting the natural environment – all these make a massive difference for us, for people and the planet.

Choosing meaningful work you love, whose goal is to improve the well-being of people by not destroying ecology, is a significant positive change. Another way could be experimenting with alternative lifestyles closer to nature with less pollution and more active joy. Another would be looking for communities that share your values and participate in their work.

The overarching theme is creating something inspiring to help people improve their life. All these matter together and change the world for the better.

Starting with your family, neighbors or colleagues will give you the fastest effect and encourage your further actions.


There are many available jobs on the market, but many are not so good in terms of negative impact on society or harmful consequences for employees. Knowing what you are looking for, researching in advance, and writing your career development goals help filter gems from stones.

There is much more than money at stake, different for each person. Some are looking for job creativity and the opportunity to use their creative potential. For others, the working environment and people in the team are most important. Thirds only look for professional growth or leadership positions, while others see the outcome of work and its impact as crucial.

How would you describe your inspiring job?

9. Create A BETTER LIFE For Everyone

Suppose we stay selfish and spoiled by our western dominated lifestyle that still requires a lot of food, energy and industrial support from faraway countries. In that case, we will be more and more stuck in an unsustainable, unfair system. GDP growth, global logistics and trade, climate change, biodiversity loss, new diseases, stress and depression, are interlinked together and crave an evolution of the current system. The choices humans have to make if we want to thrive on Earth: making things locally, relying less on imported products, growing our own healthy food, producing our own renewable energy, making cities more walkable, making natural living more feasible, educating children for the future world in harmony with nature, build a new fair economy that is not based on unsustainable debt, stop exploiting developing countries. Many products we unconsciously use take advantage of people in less lucky environments.

Start your own better choices today!

10. REDISCOVER Yourself Again

Life, as the cycle of growth and changes that never stops, gives us many chances to question our choices, evaluate our accomplishments and pursue a different path. Whether we are rising from ashes like a phoenix or outgrowing our current life – rediscovering our journey is inviting and intimidating at the same time. We shall pass the whole cycle of life change, faster or harder, depending on our personal growth and the nature of our new pursuits.

Challenge is an essential part of the purpose for all who dare to go toward peaks.

If you feel something is wrong with your life, cherish this as a new opportunity for growth.

CHALLENGE: How To Reinvent Yourself

Which of these ways best describes your greatest need for your desired life? How do they describe what is missing in your life?

Write these answers down. Describe your vision of life in your own words.

Write your daily actions that you will do every day to get closer to your vision.

Write your answer How To Reinvent Yourself in the LIGHT Step 12 – Envision Your Desired Life.

Use it as your personal online diary to motivate your desired change.

Use LIGHT for your creative journaling and get a clear picture of your desired life. Its personalization and interactivity will speed up and guide your life change journey.

Art Of Green Path - Reinvent Yourself

How Ignorance Is Bad For Us All

Each worrying trend, for example, wild animal extinction and loss of biodiversity, can trigger us to think about how we can stop this disappearance and loss. And then act beyond our comfortable lives.

Finding excuses is more straightforward than doing something tangible that requires effort and creation. It is strange how people don’t recognize short-term pleasures as long-term pains. They often do not choose what is beneficial for them. For example, how a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for everything else. Or how sitting all day – in the car, office, in front of the TV – ruins their health. Or how working the wrong job will not make them happy regardless of money. Then it becomes obvious why the extinction of animals and the loss of biodiversity fall so low in people’s consciousness.

Indeed, we need to talk more about all positive examples of how people care and do creative endeavors. And how some have risen despite all disadvantages. Balance in news and media is badly skewed toward negativism and fear spreading. Each of us can do something to restore lost beauty. In our personal lives, in work, we choose to do, in our relationship to nature and other people. We can choose our own path in life so we can be proud of it.

Learn about Your Path Of Fulfillment!

Need Clarity on Your Life and Career Goals? Our Career Reinvention & Coaching service offers you the roadmap to a fulfilling life. It’s more than just career advice; it’s a life-altering journey towards your best self.

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Explore a world of transformative solutions with Art Of Green Path’s range of services. Whether it’s refining your business strategy, unlocking the potential of AI, or embarking on a career reinvention, we’re here to guide you. Reach out and let’s start crafting your sustainable, impactful future together.

Summary Of Your Life Change Guide

Examples Of Life Goals - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

1. Find Your Life Goals

How To Find Your Purpose - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

2. Find Your Life Purpose

How To Reinvent Yourself - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

3. Find Ways To Reinvent Yourself

How To Change Your Life - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

4. Find Ways To Change Your Life

Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

5. Align All These Together

It is expected to have more rounds of all these steps until you reach clarity about desired life.

If you want to speed up this life discovery process by increasing your clarity, motivation and focus, there is the Art Of Green Path LIGHT.

The LIGHT is a unique 12-step system, interactive journaling tool and your creative guide for designing your desired life. Use it to better plan your life change.

Art Of Green Path - Dance Through Your Creations

Choose To See Your Mistakes As Steps To Help You Learn

Without mistakes, there is no growth. But unfortunately, our culture, shaped by digital tools of instant gratification, pushes people to put more effort into making pictures or videos of their perfect lives than investing in actual change, so their lives become closer to perfect.

Some avoid talking about failures and doubts they had in the past, even though they enabled their very success many viewers take for granted. Those passive consumers feel less worthy and anxious because their lives are far from those peaks. Don’t compare someone else’s outside with your inside. Choose and create your own path.

If your life path is not filled with challenges, moments of painful insights and numerous reinventions, it is probably very static and falsely safe. No one can cross the river naked without being wet and cold.

To be who you are and become who you want to be is the continuous process of trials and errors, ups and downs, twists and turns, joys and tears. The more we accept this reality and learn from it, the more perfect our lives can be for real.

Learn about Your Path Of Fulfillment!

How Do You Feel?How Do You Want To Feel?

Depressed and Manipulated OR Happy and Authentic?

Sick and Ignorant OR Healthy and Inspired?

Destructive and Selfish OR Creative and Generous?

Trapped and Disconnected OR Free and Connected?

Art Of Green Path - How Do You Feel?

In our age of ecological destruction, technology distractions, and shallow culture, many people are anxious and hungry for resonating answers to life-changing questions: How to find purpose and meaning? How to have the life you love? How to change your life so it creates a better world? For sure, there is nothing more valuable than to live the extraordinary life that matters.

Path Of Fulfillment leads people on a journey of creation that involves provoking questions, revolutionary motivation and visionary focus on their path to find a meaningful life they love – the life that connects people and nature together.

Art Of Green Path - Your Satisfaction With Life in 4 Questions

10 Reasons Why We Must Protect Life And Nature And Care About Them

1. Life is a force that makes it possible for something to grow, develop, and respond to its environment and sometimes even share emotions, experiences and consciousness.

2. Life is the characteristic that distinguishes living organisms from non-living ones. It is a fundamental aspect of the Earth’s universe and is found in many forms and scales.

3. It is also a complex and dynamic process involving many functions, such as metabolism, growth, reproduction and connection.

4. Each of us has our own perception of life, which depends on our consciousness, emotional intelligence, compassion and creativity.

5. Life is precious and fragile, and it is something that we must nurture, protect, and cherish. Love and protect biodiversity, ecological systems, all creatures, and life’s essence.

6. We must make the most of it, using our creative potential for good, as our life is finite and fleeting but has many consequences for the present and future.

7. Life is full of challenges, opportunities, and experiences, which we must navigate and explore. Life is not only about us and our selfish needs. We have to learn how to love and care for life, especially by protecting healthy natural ecosystems and the biosphere all life depends on.

8. We must also make meaning of it as we search for purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. We must embrace all life on our planet in our life’s meaning.

9. Life is a unique and personal journey, and it is something that we all experience in our own ways. The more we search – the more we find. The more we love – the more we are. The more we create – the more we give.

10. Ultimately, life is a gift, a chance to create something positive and valuable for ourselves, others, nature and our healthy future. 

Life Change

Your essential steps to use your life potential.

Examples Of Life Goals

How To Find Your Purpose

How To Reinvent Yourself

How To Change Your Life

Life change is a self discovery that happens through these 3 sources:

Provoking Questions

Don’t get stuck in the wrong unsatisfied life. Do not follow the herd. Learn how to ask and answer life-changing questions.

Revolutionary Motivation

The system around us is not good for free creative, unconventional people. Learn how to choose alternatives through your conscious choices.

Visionary Focus

Our world is full of destruction and manipulation. Design your new life by actively connecting your heart and mind with nature.

Choose LIGHT for more inspiration, guidance and structure! I have designed it to help you find the right questions, develop the right motivation and achieve the right focus.

What is your life purpose?

How to create a meaningful life?

How can you reach fulfillment?

How to reconnect people to nature?

Answers to these essential questions are making our life profound and extraordinary or ignorant and destructive. Many are following the herd. Being selfish and detached, not creating positive change. Not caring about nature we depend on. So they stay stuck in a fog of consumption and illusion, ignoring the need for their life change.

Instead of feeling trapped and destructive, you can feel fulfilled and connected. Only by engaging your full life potential into developing your and our better future can you reach your life purpose. Find people who love and protect nature, who pursue their meaningful challenges. Reinvent yourself as you build a happy, balanced life together with others.

Creating a life purpose is a transformative journey for all unfulfilled souls.

Inspiration and Guidance.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Path Of Fulfillment

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Fulfillment - Reinvent Your Life

Path Of Fulfillment is the fourth path of the ART OF GREEN PATH. It is the interactive 7-module flow of insights and exercises to inspire your superpowers to create your fulfilled life, shape your desired future, and reconnect people to nature.

As your personal journey of unconventional creation and life reinvention, it will challenge your preconceptions, provoke your new life purpose and trigger your sense of connection.

The Art Of Green Path Concept

The ART OF GREEN PATH guides your transformative journey through four paths:

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Awareness - Discover Your Authentic Happiness

Path Of Awareness

Discover Your Authentic Happiness

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Exploration - Experience Your Aliveness

Path Of Exploration

Experience Your Aliveness

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Invention - Create Work You Love

Path Of Invention

Create Work You Love

Art Of Green Path - Path Of Fulfillment - Reinvent Your Life

Path Of Fulfillment

Reinvent Your Life

Examples Of Life Goals - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green PathHow To Find Your Purpose - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green PathHow To Reinvent Yourself - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green PathHow To Change Your Life - Your Life Change Guide - Art Of Green Path

If you want to subscribe to the Art Of Green Path list, the best way is to first take The Life Change Quiz to get personalized results and guidance on your next steps.

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If you want to understand and reinvent yourself, now you have special opportunity to buy your personal transformative program Art Of Green Path LIGHT

You will also receive a free ebook ‘LIGHT – 12 Steps To Change Your Life’ to help you decipher your desired life.

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Art Of Green Path LIGHT

Reinvent Yourself Through The Art Of Green Path

I believe that LIGHT can help you you understand your desired life. Feel that NOW is the right moment to dive deeper into your creativity and envision your new life. LIGHT is designed to help you build your creative momentum of change, clear and write your best thoughts, and visualise your desired unconventional life, all in 12 interactive Steps. LIGHT is your personalised tool for active self-development. Learn more here.

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