Reinvent Your Life is the interactive 6-module program of insights and exercises to inspire your superpowers to create your fulfilled life, shape your desired future, and reconnect people to nature. 

Widespread illusions and imaginary choices

I am thrilled that you are in the process of changing your unfulfilling life and creating the one you love. Maybe you ask yourself what can become your healthy future where you will create something better for people and the planet. Wow! Your aspirations make you really extraordinary human. 

But I know how hard and tempting is to give up and return to the status quo. People automatically follow a miserable combination of debt-traps and unsustainable consumption. Ignorant obvious choices overshadow the conscious path of creation. We reject our freedom and waste our health. Money is the king in our developed world of illusions. 

Wherever you look, there are so many challenges that people fight against. There are too many imaginary choices, education is wrong, products are harmful, jobs are stupid, the economy is destructive, democracy is false, food is unhealthy, debt is a prison, media are lying, entertainment is an addiction, states control us, we lose ourselves, nature is destroyed.

There must be better and unconventional ways to live our lives. To reject widespread illusions and create a healthy future.

Life is worth discovering

No one but you can estimate your level of fulfillment. Each life is unique and precious, shame to be wasted through ignorance and submission. If we don’t consciously choose the experiences of our life, we can be sure that some political or business entity has our whole life as its asset and under control.

Essentially needed is to learn to clear the chaos around us and recognize what can give us what we truly need. The challenging non-obvious way is the right way if we want to reinvent our lives. Feeling free and creating a healthy future is a description of modern rebellion. When we replace ignorance with exploration and consumption with creation, we move where we want to be. We understand how we want to feel and what actions lead us there. Ultimately, we connect with other unconventional people to grow positive world together.

At the new conscious level, we humans start to feel like an integral part of nature responsible for its protection and own survival. No one will protect us from ourselves. We can choose to eat plastic and breathe chemicals. Or we can choose to collect pieces of plastic from nature and remove it from our lifestyle. The health of each of us does not have a selfish solution anymore. When we care for each other and for biosphere we care for ourselves too.

Life is worth re-discovering. Only you can reinvent yourself and create your life again.

The Art Of Green Path gives you transformative challenges for every step of your transformative journey.

Path Of Fulfillment

Your authentic purpose is to create something different and better. Your very first goal is to understand your unique potential and maybe your ultimate goal is to spread your positive impact on many thousands or millions of people. You feel creator inside yourself restless to design the life that heals.

What you want is to transform your unhealthy (and destructive) life into one on which you can be proud. Maybe it means that you need to shift your energy from wrong causes to the right causes. Maybe it can be that you need fresh inspiration for your next level of personal growth that will lead you to the future you are meant to live. Or maybe you need to break free yourself from a cycle of destruction and build something unique that is the reflection of your needs and values. 

In your wildest dreams, you give people what they need and what makes their lives better. Through your innovative and useful and ecologic creations, you immensely contribute to the positive future of our world. It is important to have a big vision of your future similarly as to see the top of the mountain where you are climbing. But it is even more critical to make all small steps that overcome all obstacles on your way there.

Journey, when you are creating your fulfilled life is your Path Of Fulfillment. 

Life is incredible. The more we grow – the more we care. The more we connect with nature and people – the more our life makes sense.

Path Of Fulfillment is the unique program of transformation in 6 original modules: 

  1. Feel Your Life Challenge
  2. Develop Your Uniqueness
  3. Visualize Your Visionary Future
  4. Design Your Positive Impact
  5. Create Your Fulfilled Visionary Life
  6. Reconnect People To Nature

As you dive into Path Of Fulfillment, feel your unique journey of transformation. Start with your challenges, develop your motivation and understand your visionary future. Reach your aims to change your trapped life, create the life you love and reconnect people to nature. The goal is to feel fulfilled and connected. 

The Art Of Green Path

Art Of Green Path inspires you to reconnect with yourself and to nature, to find work you love, to become free and responsible and to create your fulfilled life. 

Its four transformative paths are journeys of opportunities and experiences that inspire your wholesome health and your visionary future. By implementing your new insights, you can transform your life into the life of purpose and freedom. Stretch your current capabilities but do not jump too far ahead. Sensibly explore your curiosity. Let yourself time to grow.

Our art of life grows when we choose our authentic vision, healthy adventure, meaningful work, fulfilled life, and positive contribution.