Create Work You Love is the interactive 6-module program of insights and exercises to inspire your superpowers to quit your miserable career, boost your creativity and create the work you love. 

The system exploits people and destroys nature

I am happy that you are in the process of changing your wrong job and finding the one that you love. Maybe you ask yourself what can become your meaningful work that will create something better for people and the planet. Wow! Your aspirations make you really extraordinary human.

But I know how easy and tempting is to give up your unconventional path and return to the status quo where you earn money by doing a destructive unhealthy uncreative job you don’t love. We live in the world of widespread illusions where money serves as the meaning of human life and measure of business and state success. It is all about profit, debt, GDP growth, inequality and the hijacking of democracy. The corporate and financial capitalistic system of debt-traps, controlled by few, exploits people and destroys nature in our globalized world fueled by consumerism. It is the main reason why people end up doing jobs they hate and buying things they don’t need for the money they don’t have.

The wealthy are getting richer, while more and more people end up in the debt trap. This whole system squeezes the joy of life out of us and puts us in the boxes. We get a deceiving sense of security when we copy others and share our pain and misery with them, instead of finding other people who can support our dreams.

The alternative is not just possible but seriously needed

You don’t want to feel unhealthy and unhappy in the destructive senseless job. You understand it is not your desired future, not your potential, not your life. In essence, you don’t want to feed such a wrong system and you want to create something meaningful and loving.

The world desperately needs people like you who dare to create something meaningful and beautiful, who strive to inspire others to change their unhealthy and destructive behaviors. Therefore, we all need to stretch our human potential to explore unknown and create a future that makes sense. Our collective evolution is happening only through our connected positive creations.

The Art Of Green Path gives you creative challenges for every step of your transformative journey.

Path Of Invention

Your authentic purpose is to create something different and better. The very first goal is to understand your unique potential and maybe your ultimate goal is to spread your positive impact on many thousands or millions of people. You feel creator inside yourself restless to make something that matters. 

What you want is to leave your false environment (with a negative state of mind) and move where you can enjoy (and maybe even love) your work and life. Maybe it means that you need to shift your energy from wrong causes to the right causes. Maybe it can be that you need fresh inspiration for your next level of personal growth that will lead you to the work you are meant to do. Or maybe you need to break free yourself from a cycle of destruction and build something unique that is the reflection of your needs and values.

In your wildest dreams, you give people what they need and what makes their lives better. Through your innovative and useful and ecologic creations, you immensely contribute to the positive future of our world. It is important to have a big vision of your future similarly as to see the top of the mountain where you are climbing. But it is even more critical to make all small steps that overcome all obstacles on your way there.

Journey, when you are creating your meaningful work is your Path Of Invention.

Life is incredible. The more we are – the more we can create. The more we create – the more we become.

Path Of Invention is the unique program of transformation in 6 original modules:

  1. Feel Your Creative Energy
  2. Wake Up Your Art
  3. Visualize Your Visionary Creation
  4. Design Your Creative Future
  5. Create Your Meaningful Visionary Work
  6. Embrace Freedom & Impact

As you dive into Path Of Invention, feel your unique journey of transformation. Start with your creativity, develop your motivation and understand what you want to do in life. Reach your aims to quit your miserable job, find the work you love and create your desired future. The goal is to feel creative and free.

The Art Of Green Path

Art Of Green Path inspires you to reconnect with yourself and to nature, to find work you love, to become free and responsible and to create your fulfilled life.

Its four transformative paths are journeys of opportunities and experiences that inspire your wholesome health and your visionary future. By implementing your new insights, you can transform your life into the life of purpose and freedom. Stretch your current capabilities but do not jump too far ahead. Sensibly explore your curiosity. Let yourself time to grow.

Our art of life grows when we choose our authentic vision, healthy adventure, meaningful work, fulfilled life, and positive contribution.