Life Purpose

What is your life purpose?

How to create a meaningful life?

What could give you fulfillment?

How to reconnect people to nature?

Answers to these essential questions are making our life profound and extraordinary or ignorant and destructive. Many are following the herd. Being selfish and detached, not creating positive change. Not caring about nature we depend on. So they stay stuck in a fog of consumption and illusion.

Instead, to feel trapped and destructive, you can feel fulfilled and connected. Only by engaging your full life potential into developing our healthy future, you can reach your life purpose. Find people who love and protect nature. Who pursue their meaningful challenges. Build a happy balanced life together with others.

Creating a life purpose is a transformative journey for all unfulfilled souls.

Path Of Fulfillment

Reinvent Your Life

Reinvent Your Life is the fourth path of the ART OF GREEN PATH. It is the interactive 6-module flow of insights and exercises to inspire your superpowers to create your fulfilled life, shape your desired future, and reconnect people to nature.

To prepare you for that journey, I have the right challenge that will provoke your new life purpose and trigger your sense of connection.

Do you want to be the light? Do you want to shine through your meaningful life?

Inspiration and Guidance.


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Beyond the steps of self-understanding, healthy connections, and meaningful creations, you will experience unconventional and learn about four smart ways to keep your freedom. This new consciousness will help you to continue your journey of transformation.

Further, you will envision your new life to get the direction where you want to go as you reconnect yourself with your life purpose.

You will learn to find people who inspire you and see how they can help you to create your visionary life.

When you discover what kind of life better stimulate your soul, you will step into new psychological and practical realms of motivation and meaning.

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Widespread Illusions And Imaginary Choices

I am thrilled that you are in the process of changing your unfulfilling life and creating the one you love. Maybe you ask yourself what can become your healthy future where you will create something better for people and the planet. Wow! Your aspirations make you a really extraordinary human.

But I know how hard and tempting is to give up and return to the status quo. People automatically follow a miserable combination of debt-traps and unsustainable consumption. Ignorant obvious choices overshadow the conscious path of creation. Too often, we reject our freedom and waste our health at the same time. Money is the king in our developed world of illusions.

Wherever you look, there are so many challenges that people fight against.

We are overwhelmed with too many choices, not enough good ones. Products are harmful, superfluous, to support superficial behaviors. Education is not giving us what we truly need, many jobs are deliberately stupid, the economy is destructive for people and the environment, democracy is false. The food is unhealthy, glorified debt is actually a prison, media are lying, entertainment is an addiction, states control us, we lose ourselves, nature is destroyed.

There are certainly much better and unconventional ways to live our lives. To reject widespread illusions and create a healthy future.

Transformative Challenges

No one, but you can estimate your level of fulfillment. Each life is unique and precious, shame to be wasted through ignorance and submission. If we don't consciously choose the experiences of our life, we can be sure that some political or business entity has our whole life as its asset and under control. Others will choose for us and for their gains.

Urgently is needed to learn how to clear the chaos around us and recognize what can give us what we truly need. The challenging non-obvious way is the right way if we want to reinvent our lives. Feeling free and creating a healthy future is a description of modern rebellion. When we replace ignorance with exploration and consumption with creation, we move where we want to be. We understand how we want to feel and what actions lead us there. Ultimately, we connect with other unconventional people to grow a much better world together.

Life is worth re-discovering. Only you can reinvent yourself and create the life experience you want.

A Mess We Need To Clean Up

At the new conscious level, we humans start to feel like an integral part of nature responsible for its protection and own survival. No one will protect us from ourselves. One of many examples where we can act: we can ignore that we eat invisible plastic and breathe toxic chemicals. Or we can consciously choose to collect pieces of plastic from nature and remove it from our lifestyle. 

By reducing car use and lowering the consumption of luxury technology, we and the environment are healthier. Flying often and buying things we don't need, our negative impact soars above limits of the planet. By eating too much meat, we kill ecosystems and ourselves at the same time. We choose - good or bad. Western countries use resources for which we need 4 to 5 planet Earths. That is terrible and unsustainable - a dangerous sign of our arrogance and selfishness. We have to find alternative solutions. Awaken the consciousness in us. And then change our lives by radically changing our behaviors and choices.

In this complicated artificial mess - the health of each of us depends on people around the globe. When we care for each other and for the biosphere, we care for ourselves too.

Extraordinary Experience

The ART OF GREEN PATH gives you extraordinary transformative experience through:

Personalized transformative journal
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Inspiration and motivation
for smart daily and strategic choices.
Unique online playground
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Curated challenges
that make your insights structured and interconnected.
Unique visualizations
to enhance your learning and creation process.
Creating a deep meaningful connection
with yourself, with nature and with people.

Don't Hesitate

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